Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wild Wild East....Malaysia-boleh

Megat Zulkarnain seems to warn Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong
during the confrontation in the Parliament compound.

Ahem! There you go again....using race and monarchy to scare innocent people. Follow this link to find out more, .

What has become of Malaysia of late??? So, when you have the big bro's protection and acting the same way, the small 'uns will follow suit ala gangster. They can't find any other place than the parliament compound!

Wow, scary eh! The next time they will storm your house and perhaps hurt you and walk off Scott-free. Hey, I thought our Home Minister used to say "nobody is above the law". It occurs to me that anything that under the Umno's umbrella is above the law.

Let's see what action the government or that particular party is going to take against such hooligans!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Monkey Talk

Suddenly dropped out of nowhere and was quick enough to "please" his master by talking tough BUT looking more like a big time FOOL. And the candidate is no other than Zam Zam ala kazam from Perak state!

What does he mean by 'defending monarchy'? Follow this link.... Before thousands, Zambry vows to defend monarchy.

Even if he is somewhat still unsure of his real position as MB, he should be SERVING the rakyat in the first place. Why so fast want to become a hero of sort??? Don't get carried away. I read in the news that he couldn't even handle tough questions from the press. Is this how Umno-trained politicians are? Your guess is as good as mine. Serving own interest first? Yeah, rightfully so. This bloke has failed right before it starts!

Come on, let's go to the ring and fight a clean fight. Don't talk cheap and wasting resources and everybody's time. Call a fresh state election and the master of all power, the Rakyat, can decide cleanly.

Other than that, it is No Way Out!

Another DRAMA In The making....

Another DRAMA in the making or another DRAMATIC END to another opposition-ruled state in Malaysia?

Follow this....pick from Malaysiakini,

breaking news
updated 12.35pm Selangor MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is likely to be charged in connection with the allegation that he abused his power over the expense incurred for the maintenance of a luxury car and the distribution of cows.MORE
MACC chief: We have strong evidence
Investigation papers ready

Looks like MACC or formerly known as ACA is very fast to act on any wrongdoings these days. Selangor MB is next on the list. Wow! It is supposed to be called EFFICIENCY on their part but somehow I reserve this judgment! Why is that so?

Well, only the fools will not know but the right-minded people do in Malaysia. Time and again, we see this happening in Malaysia. When you are not in "there" you are not protected. And you are 'guilty as charged' even on hearsay or lack of evidence or worse still reported by the people aligned to powers that be.

So much has been said, we shall see The Fall ala Hollywood movie in the making soon? I call it BOLEH-WOOD - expect the unexpected senario.

Malaysia Is Lawless....

Malaysia is considered "lawless" (don't know what to do) when it comes to INTRUSION OF PRIVACY!

When a nude picture or video is published without the person's consent or knowledge akin to stolen property, the first backlash is always the victim. The victim has to take all the blame first and goes into seclusion. Why is that so??? A sex scandal, whether is intentional or not, kills the victim first. That is ONLY happening, when you are in the opposition party, in Malaysia in particular (or in Asia in general).

What about CORRUPTION or in Umno's word it's called Money Politics??? The culprits will get their extra time in courts or Umno court, life goes on as usual, still holding or running for positions in the party and other unusual stuff beyond your imagination that will be accorded to the culprits. Hey, do you follow? As time passes by, everything will be forgotten or "swept under the carpet".

Likewise in the case of the opposition, outside of Umno-protected territory, the victim is condemned to death fast and furious. Judgment is passed by the "moral police" aka the morally-low people in that party. Not a single word of sympathy for the victim.

And this time, the poor lady in the name of Elizabeth Wong is sadly and brutally dismissed by the moral police. Politically motivated? You hold the judgment!

Mind you, if I walk around my house naked, it is within my privacy to do so. I don't have to apologize or answer to anyone. So, GO AFTER THE CULPRIT(S), including the PUBLISHER before anything else!


HISTORY Is Repeating Itself ala Umno-way

Needless to say much, I just pick up this article from Malaysian Insider. If you want to know what the rakyat (citizens) think of all this fiasco, click on this link for the 'TRUTH' in the comments, .

The rightful person has since retired but he started the ball rolling way back in 1993 by removing the 'power of the royalty'. What the heck now, HISTORY Is Repeating Itself ala Umno-way! Except they "go-stun" (reversing) this time.

And the sad story is this bunch of morons has been preaching to "change or re-invent" after losing heavily in March 08 but they are ALWAYS "cakap tak serupa bikin" (say one thing, do other thing) or like the previous PM saying, "Melayu cepat lupa" (Malays easily forget). No, it should rightfully be "Umno-melayu cepat lupa".

The very person that contributed to the losing streak for his party or rather BN, came back to his old style fearlessly, only this time he did not brandish the dagger or keris. He was shouting like a mad man just released from the cage! (Look at the pic)

Like all the right-minded people know, they are now hiding or using the royalty to gain the upper hand on Pakatan Rakyat. What a shame and a cowardice act! Way to go la morons, you can't fool the people.

Want to know who holds the upper hand, call for a fresh election, just start it with Perak state. Umno and BN will be buried 7 feet under!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Oil paintings that cost between RM8K to 12K - exhibited at The Pavillion, KL.

KL City At Dawn

A view from Putramas condo in Jalan Kuching, quite far off KL city centre. But still KLCC and KL Tower are visible from afar. What a majestic view!

The goldfishes - aren't they a lovely sight? One looked like just had a hefty meal!!! (Notice a long poo poo coming out from its back?). Hahaha.

The night view.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Just want to wish you fellow bloggers and dearest visitors to my blog - A PROSPEROUS CHINESE "NIU" (OX) YEAR.

P.S. I went outstation for my New Year celebration, so couldn't post my wishes earlier.