Friday, September 18, 2009

Dancing with the Enemy

What...??? Disgusting. I heard that our infamous Keris-mudin showed sympathy for this moron Top aka terrorist on national TV yesterday??? Keris-mudin was quoted as saying this Top-fler should be caught in Malaysia and given a chance for rehabilitation!!! What...???

Noordin Top gunned down in ambush

(Reported in the Star newspaper today)

KUALA LUMPUR: Noordin Mat Top, Asia’s most wanted terrorist, was shot dead by a crack Indonesian anti-terrorism squad during a shoot-out in a village in Central Java.

The 41-year-old Malaysian-born Noordin, who had eluded the authorities for nine years, was gunned down along with three others in an ambush at his hideout in Solo. He was said to be responsible for a string of deadly bombings in Indonesia, including those in Bali in 2002 and two luxury hotels in Jakarta recently.

Indonesian police chief Bam­bang Hendarso Danuri confirmed Noordin was among the four killed, based on the initial comparison of fingerprints provided by Malaysian authorities. Others killed along with Noor­din were “expert bomb-maker” Bagus Budi Pranoto, alias Ur­­-wah, close Noordin associate Ario Sudarso, alias Aji, and the person renting the house, Susilo.

Bambang said two men were also arrested and Susilo’s wife, who was wounded in the raid, was also in custody. Weapons, grenades and eight sacks of explosive material were found in the house, according to a police source.

Noordin fled Malaysia in 2001 during a crackdown by police here on suspected terror activities, following the uncovering of the Jemaah Islamiah network. He was initially thought to have been killed in a raid on Aug 8 but the body turned out to be that of an accomplice . Police tracked Noordin down after obtaining information from several terrorists suspects arrested some weeks ago.

Sources said the information enabled Indonesian police to place the group under surveillance. The squad stormed the house when they confirmed Noordin was among those inside. Noordin, once a lecturer in Johor, fled the country with fellow Malaysian Dr Azahari Husin, a bomb specialist. Azahari was also killed in a shoot-out with Indonesian police in Surabaya about three years ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Help the children!!!

Did Malaysia's First Lady Amah see these Penan children suffering??? She is very kind-hearted , isn't it?

On Monday The Star highlighted the plight of Penan children in Sarawak. While their parents battle loggers and government over their homeland, the children just wished they had some good shoes and something to eat once in a while. Read the story...

Story and photo by STEPHEN THEN (Cc from Patrick Teoh's blog)

KAPIT (Central Sarawak): Slippers and shoes are much needed by poor children living in remote pockets of Sarawak where such items are rare and expensive.

The Star, during a recent visit to three locations in the interior of Kapit Division, found the majority of toddlers and children without proper footwear.

Longhouses at the Lusong Laku, Long Tanyit and Long Lidem settlements are full of adults and children without shoes or slippers.

Barefooted and hungry: Penan children without footwear waiting for food aid to arrive at the Lusong Laku settlement in Kapit Division.

“We have no money to buy them,” said Johnson Maun, an eight-year-old boy.

The Star found only one sundry shop in Lusong Laku selling foodstuff and essential household items like soap and cooking utensils.

No slippers or shoes were available.

The shopowner said these items were expensive as the contractor who sent goods from Bintulu charged high prices to transport them.

Many children and toddlers suffer from skin problems on the soles of their feet due to being constantly barefooted.

The Miri Catholic Church is collecting donations for poor Penans in Kapit Division.

A lot of rice and foodstuff has been collected but no shoes or slippers.

Donors can take such items to Father Sylvester Ding at the Miri Carmelite Chapel or hand them to the Carmelite nuns for deployment to the needy children.

If you would like to help you can send donations to ......

Account holder : St Francis Centre Belaga

Bank : Maybank, Bintulu branch, Sarawak

Account No. : 011065307834

To think that something like this can happen in a country that still intends to declare itself "developed" in 11 years time!!! I wonder how the chief minister and all the other Y.B.'s feel as they slip their feet into their Italian-made Ferragamo's?

(Cc from Patrick Teoh's blog)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lo and Behold, U Can't See This

Surely, surely, you can't see this anywhere in Malaysia, 100% not on national TV. You will be given "many" strokes of rotan (CANE) for doing that. Definitely.

Lo and Behold Sighting

1. Street lamp post "cover" stolen

2. Lorry transporting scrap metals in the open thus endangering lives on the road

3. Illegal moneylenders (we Malaysians identified them as "Ah Long") ads pasted on trees and everywhere in the streets

Fire hydrant with no "arms" - stolen

Riding motorbike without safety helmet even on main road - common sight nowadays

6. Stupidity at its best - putting up government signboard (this is 1Malaysia signboard) smacked behind (hidden) a street lamp post. Perhaps this smart-Alec is trying to indicate that as the big

I can tell you these are common sightings in and around Malaysia. So, the local authorities are all sleeping!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Lately as we all know, in fact as always, our garmen has made many stupid U-turns. Like it or not, all the U-turns should not have occurred if our garmen used the head instead of the @$S to make important decisions.

Let's pick the "BIG" U-turn decisions recently. One minister announced Internet Censorship, Prime Minister denounced it immediately. Next, Home Minister happily defended the 'cow head protesters' with all the fanfare, the next day quickly announced police action must be taken against them. Of course as the saying goes, test the water first, if people make some noise, revert it. Villain turns hero - how nice, eh!

For what I think, there is a hidden agenda behind all these U-turns. Only they know. They are trying to fool us. But in the end, the are the ones look like bloody fools!

Hey listen, illegal U-turn kills, you know!