Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trip to Kamunting to convey Raya greetings

Pick from Malaysia Today website

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Posted by kasee
Monday, 29 September 2008 18:20

I have just been informed by the Bukit Bendera MP’s office that they, along with several Penang-based civil society activists, are planning a drive to the Kamunting Detention in Taiping on the second day of Raya to convey their greetings to the ISA detainees:

Flowers, cards and gifts, if any, will be passed on to Raja Petra and the other ISA detainees to let them know that they are not forgotten on this special day. RPK’s wife Marina has been informed of the event and hope that she will also be able to join us. The Press will also be invited for this event.

Details of travel:

Date: Thursday, 2 October 2008

Meeting Place: DAP Bukit Bendera Service Centre, Wayton Court, Penang

Meet at 9.00am

Tesco, Penang

Meet at 9.15am

We shall begin our journey latest by 9.30am and arrive at the Kamunting Detention Centre by 11.00am latest. Here, we shall link up with those from other places like Taiping and and other parts of Perak.

Those interested, please register or inform our committee member Mr Ronnie Tan at 012-4277883

For the rest of you Selamat Hari Raya and have a safe journey home if you are hitting the roads.

You're Not Alone, RPK.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

People's Choice

Pick from Malaysian Insider the alternative news portal....

, Sept 27 — By a small margin, Malaysians think opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would make a better prime minister compared with Datuk Seri Najib Razak, according to a survey conducted recently by the independent Merdeka Centre.

I would agree with this survey because it's simply a race-based party getting the support from one particular race only.

Coupled with a large percentage of this group of supporters whom may NOT be internet savvy like the city folks, will only read and believe in what the mainstream media write or publish. This will help sway the support. We all know that. Ya, ya, some jerks will come out and deny this survey. Now it's all about "you say your version and I say my version" depending on which side you take.

Just because in Malaysia the yesterday's leaders (many of them) do not know when to give way and by clinging on is causing a lot of wasted time and resources of the country. Some even with "tainted" background are still considered the choice to lead the country. How are we going to progress??? That's is why Malaysia is always playing catch-up with a tiny country down south! We are lagging, as a matter of fact.

Talking about producing 60,000 PhD holders by 2020, will that do any good to the country IF all of them end up "unwanted"??? We have jobless graduates abundant, alright. Spending huge amount of tax-payers' money on so-called re-training programs given by the garmen. Why so? Because we just produce them like a stinking tofu (beancurd) factory, with no substance! The real brains are all either stay put in overseas or migrated!

When we mention the very word MERITOCRACY, there is talk about being unfair because the poor Ahmads can't compete. Afraid of not being able to compete, where in the world you find progress without competition??? Now a minister is "projecting" 60,000 PhD holders (initially 100,000, scaled down, for fearing not able to achieve the target!) in 12 years' time!!! Goodness me.
A cheap publicity of sort for him anyway.

Phd of what kind? One may ask this funny question.... So, it is all the same. We are not producing our leaders of tomorrow when the basics have already gone wrong right from the beginning. When the education system can only produce "half-baked" graduates, we can only have leaders of yesteryears!

It is again boils down to the people's choice - do we want to change for the better? Do we have the courage - the people's power? THEY can play 'passing the baton' as much as they like, but WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE. Don't forget, the baton can one day drops off to the ground....like the US relay teams did in the Olympics recently! Hahaha.


National Security

Well, well, well, crime is rearing its ugly head in my home state - Penang!

If you are following, there have been three petty crimes involving Mr. So & So (prominent figures) wives. One was stabbed and killed. That's not petty crime anymore, mind you.

Why suddenly these petty thieves become so brave and cold-blooded? Are they sensing that this is the time to strike since the powers that be are very busy with "something" else i.e. party election? I think this is remotely true. I'm puzzled anyway!

Can the police swing into action like how they catch the recent four ISA detainees??? One has ended up in Kamunting. Can the police catch these cold-blooded thieves quick, charge and lock them up ASAP??? Citizens' security is NATIONAL SECURITY too! Citizens of Malaysia are afraid and fear for their lives!!! Anyone would feel for the victims and their families.

To the guardians of security in Malaysia, can you please "classify" these brave thieves as threatening national security since they strike fear in the lives of her beloved citizens??? It is of protecting national interest - really.

W*h*a*t*s going on!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Say No to ISA - Sign Online Petition!!!

Calling on all clever Malaysians.

It is long overdue that we do our part to voice our disagreement to the use of this draconian law.

Malaysia is a democratic country. What we know best is to say our piece peacefully. Needless to say much, we all know what's going on in Malaysia right now.

So, make your stance and uphold justice!

Sign the petition to FREE RPK!!!

Say NO to ISA here!!!

Sign NOW!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Metallica - Cool Dudes


Let's learn some English....the word is 'SENSE'.

There are many meaning to this simple word. However, in view of the current situation in Malaysia, political uncertainties, perhaps it is worthwhile to understand this word and instill some sense to those "empty heads" out there.

So, I just pick 3 meanings that best describe the need to use this word in their heads when making decisions that concern Malaysians by and large. Here goes....

i) Sense = Natural understanding or intelligence, especially in practical matters
ii) Sense = The normal ability to think or reason soundly
iii) Sense = Something sound or reasonable

Have you the clever Malaysians missed something here? Or got a good grasp of its meaning? Of the 3 meanings I put up here, surely the general perception given now is THEY are way off track. Citing this 'draconian law' as an example, you still read and hear THEM put out words that go beyond our SENSES.

Without wanting to take side this time, I would hope that anyone that wanted to lead Malaysians must have a great SENSE i.e. to see, hear, speak, think and even smell "what's going on" on the floor. Aptly put it, the GRASSROOTS (the in-word among our political parties, isn't it?).

Sadly, many lack even the basic sense especially when the going gets tough!

Friday, September 19, 2008


RECYCLING, it is good to the mother earth, isn't it?

The least we can do in Malaysia. Otherwise the Americans would criticize us for not doing enough to help green the earth. Remember once Malaysia were accused of only chopping down the forest without replanting? I bet many do not remember.

But, how about recycling "dirty old trash"??? Guess who? Of so many Ahmads in Malaysia, that one-lah. Suspended and yet the members are calling him to return as adviser and even have the face to call for lifting of his ban. What in the world is going on? Call it lack of quality leaders you may but still will make a mockery of things to the system. Hell yeah, they have the rights - many too.

This can be aptly described as A RECYCLE TRASH. What are they? A bunch of fools, nothing but the most outrageous fools. When you look at their moronic act i.e. the way they speak, tearing up the poster of a prominent political "member", etc, any wise men would never ever want such person as their leader. But hey, no, it is the opposite. What a shame!

We have seen it long time, isn't it? This particular party always have chief sitting bulls, for umpteen years so long as "you can kow-tow" to the leader. And now they are going gung-ho about arresting people. Many WARNINGS have been sent out. This very word (warning) has been recycled of late, isn't it?

Wahhhh, the rakyat (citizens) must really be scared. RPK said before being taken to no-man's- land, "I have seen it coming". What about those in PR???

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My comment on Patrick Teoh's blog

Subject pick from Dr. M's blog....

Quote: "21. The Malays have seen what has happened to the Malays of Singapore and they have no desire to be like Singapore Malays."

The truth is as I have spoken to many Singapore Malays (work-related contacts), is NOT what Dr. M claims. Singapore Malays have NO desire or whatsoever to follow the pattern here. Singapore Malays have dignity and work hard and work smart, they don't like and don't want hand-outs. They are successful through hardwork. Don't believe...crossover to Singapore and talk to them.

Quote: "22. So their reaction is to seek for Malay unity. They feel threatened, and their fear is real. Admittedly there are among the younger educated Malays a few who claim to reject Malay unity. But these people do not represent the vast majority of the Malays."

They don't feel threaten, it's bullshit. If you talk to Malays not Umno Malays, many don't buy the idea that NEP has reached them after half a century of giving. Malays who really work 9-5 jobs will tell you it's better to work and make a decent living than waiting for hand-outs.

As for UNITY, every race concerned can champion their own unity. Nothing is wrong with that. In the end, we all can collectively work for Malaysian Unity. But, stop and look who are behind all the racial talks or become racist???

12:32 PM

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Malaysia - 916

I followed on internet TV live from Kelana Jaya stadium just now. Since Malaysia Day is never celebrated before, it sounds meaningful to "join" in though not able to be there myself. But it went off air suddenly at 11.12pm.

Still managed to catch some decent speeches made by PR top guns, of course the man of the hour belonged to Anwar. Sounding more like a PM for all Malaysians, Anwar was in his element again, chiding the powers that be.

Also called to thunderous applause from the crowd by Kit Siang, 916 was very much anticipated. The number 916 has become synonymous to change-loving Malaysians. I am no difference.

Like many skeptics out there it still sounds impossible. Giving what they over the other side can do, it is no surprise the PR top guns may just vanish in thin air tomorrow with the draconian law looming as usual.

Let's pray we will have a New Malaysia, if not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

2020 Future



Today in the front page news, the Star reported the release of reporter Tan from ISA after being held for 24 hours. I THINK SERIOUS DAMAGE HAS BEEN DONE, again. No matter how you look at it and how the garmen try to explain or provide excuses.

To make you and me puke further, eat this...."HM bla bla bla said Tan was arrested because her safety was under threat; HM bla bla bla also said it was not his decision but that of police to detain the three under the ISA; He denies having anything to do with arrests".

Just lame excuse and illogical word coming from a person who holds such an important portfolio in the garmen. I just wonder whether they need to have brain surgery! When a person's security is under threat, you protect and NOT arrest!!! Protect means MELINDUNGI and arrest means MENANGKAP. So, why is such an arrest and the worse of all evil using ISA on a defenseless young lady??? Moron.

It clearly shows they have no valid reason to arrest Tan. Because I could not even phrase a sentence of what the morons told Tan when they went to arrest her that night. Based on the HM bla bla bla's statement; the morons would have said,"Tan, anda ditangkap di bawah ISA kerana keselamatan anda telah di ancam" (in English...."Tan, you are arrested under ISA because your safety is under threat"). Isn't that so fa-king funny!!!

So, one of the qualified JOKES or JOKERS of the year 2008 in Malaysia would be the above! It makes the world laugh but it MAKES US CRY. Malaysia is not supposed to be like that!.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Internal Security Act - Blatantly Abused

Arrested Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok - arrested under ISA

I woke up to a black Saturday, with the front page news about ISA arrest of two others "innocent" people. I believe this is front page news in all major dailies.

The only difference in the mainstream media is this blatant abuse of power is projected right in the name of law. What choice do they have since show cause letters have been send to 3 other dailies for reporting against the liking of .... you can call them whatever in your harshest words!

Kok, who is Seputeh MP and also assemblyman for Kinrara, was arrested over a religious matter concerning a mosque. Does it warrant the use of ISA? Like in everyone's sound mind - arresting a reporter for reporting an incident (the truth) over a perpetrator?

Where is justice in Malaysia? NO MORE.

Internal Security Act - Abused

As expected, this draconian law is RECYCLE on a true believer of justice!

Freedom or democracy in Malaysia is never the same ever with this law hanging over everyone's head, so long you toe the line. But toeing the line in Malaysia means always believe in lies and never tell the truth about the powers that be.

It's a very sad day in Malaysia. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU, RPK.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nasi Kandar

It's been awhile I have not blogged. Not much to blog about....not really.

One thing about blog is its relevance to an individual, that is "pouring out your feelings" for things you are unhappy about. Blog is not a blog anymore nowadays. You can write anything on a blog and it is still consider a blog. That's why blog has caught up with our politicians - it's a trend. Or call themselves 'not update' if don't have a blog.

But, with the recent announcement about clamping down on anti-garmen bloggers and THE most scary one in particular is about using ISA on one particular blogger. Bloggers may have no choice but to tone it down a bit. To me and many, RPK is a HERO. But, but, to the garmen, he is...."should not exist in Malaysia in the first place"! Whatever he write does carry some weight anyway. Agree?

They think we are scared by their "threat"? I think they are more scared than us! Where their "rice bowl" is concerned come next round of voting, we got nothing to lose. We can put them out of job and for good by just a 'X' on the ballot paper. Scary eh? Think again you morons, racists and corrupt politicians. That's why they feel the only way to influent us is letting us just read the mainstream media.

I'm quite fond of nasi kandar to be honest. Every now and then I will go for nasi kandar with colleagues and family. As for my family, usually they don't like to eat nasi kandar unless I buy them. Hmmm. Why? Everyone knows, nasi kandar is for the "rich" people nowadays. Everyone knows how dear it is to eat nasi kandar with three dishes on a plate with white rice. Everyone knows they will curse and swear after the fellow mamak shout out the price of his or her nasi kandar after he has finished putting on the dishes and moves on to next customer.

Why am I like you still eating nasi kandar? Strange? To me it is all about the curry, the mixing of herbs in the cooking. Whatever some people say about "extraordinary ingredients" mamaks put in could not be justified. But how do they justify the exorbitant price for one plate of nasi kandar?

I always notice the Chinese would not mind about the high price because to them filling one's stomach with good food is a way of life. It is worth it after a day of hard work out there. The Chinese always smell the good food. I am one of them. My plate of nasi kandar is always RM8.++. Most of the time I think it is overcharged. But what the heck....

But, but, calling for boycotting nasi kandar by people recently has nothing to do with the high PRICE they have to pay. IT IS ABOUT THE DAMN NASI KANDAR OWNERS WHO SOMEHOW GOT ENTANGLED WITH THE RACIST FACTION OF A POLITICAL PARTY.

A couple of them were there to show support to one racist Ahmad. Apparently this Ahmad is suspected to be owner of one famous name (ref. Su....) in nasi kandar circle too. How can they do this to their real supporters who put money in their pockets? One Chinese customer is equal to 3 non-Chinese customers. Do you realize that?

So, to all mamaks the nasi kandar owners - don't put sand in your own rice bowls!!! DAMN.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Crime Is A Crime

Is it not a crime if you have committed it and no longer in the country of origin? Same as the argument that a person who committed a crime or wrongdoing in a company or organization is no longer attached to it or who has since resigned, commits no crime? To the law, a crime is a crime, am I not right??? (I'm not an expert in laws or rather Malaysia laws)

So, a member of a racist political party recently reiterated that he had resigned or no longer with the company years ago and the company concerned had also "closed shop" was not responsible for things that happened then or years ago. But, but, he was in the setup then. He surely knew a thing or two! Just because a case is brought up now does not mean one can "wash hand" and claims no responsibility or liability!

Perhaps, maybe one ought to take a hard look into Malaysia laws which give immunity to a political party or the whole party elites or all members that supported its propaganda. Those get caught and brought to the knowledge of mainstream media or "public attention" are merely for the sake of putting up a show. Malaysians call them 'small fish'. And we have not talked about 'what happens next' after all the drama. God knows!

As for the ELITES, anyone who accuses them will be caught or accused instead, even with evidence or SD. So, either "you swim with me or die cock stand on your own". That's the message that seems to go around with the taiko (big brother) in Malaysia political reality. You are protected to the core if 'you do what I say or close one eye to what I do'.

Going against all odds, this Ahmad will walk away scot-free and the ultras will lap him up as a hero of sort. The script is all the same - jerks like him always goes into hiding whenever they committed wrongdoings and quietly garner enough support and then hold a press conference to claim their innocence. This 'disappearing stunt' just acted out recently by a Kulim MP who caused a ruckus in the bar council forum. He went into hiding as well. Similar act? They are of the same species perhaps - smack of arrogance and cowardliness.

Actually, they are 'a blessing in disguise' of sort to fellow opposition parties. Continue to do it, become racist, as they can but come another round of votes, they will be given their last rites. Corrupt, korek, corrupt, korek, tantamount to digging their own graves and buried six feet under in the end.

Ali, Ah Kow, Mutu, Ah Singh, Kadazan, they all want to live in peace and harmony. All the Ali's too will vote against RACISM. That's for sure!