Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Manners

I think the whole bunch of people who are handling the parliament invitation have turned it into a fiasco of sort. Reason given is unacceptable in my professional opinion! Are they under any "special" order from...who omit Saudara Anwar from the invitation list, as a husband of Wan Azizah, the legitimate MP? Even then, Wan Azizah was not given an official invitation card. What??? Has Nurul got an official invitation card?

Anyway, upon checking the updates in Malaysiakini, I found that Anwar was back in parliament after a decade. Ho, ho, ho, now it is game on. I'm sure the BN, especially Umno's LCLYs will feel very uneasy in his mere presence. That's why no official invitation card lah. He looks good and happy.

Way to go!

Malaysian football will be left to rot

Let me start by saying I watched and supported Malaysian football, once upon a time! When I was young my dad would take me to city stadium (Penang official stadium then) to watch Isa Bakar, Ali Bakar, Shukor Salleh played with the likes of Soh Chin Aun, Santok Singh, Arumugam and many great footballers of Malaysia. That was then in the 80's.

Now, I don't even bother to know about it. What??? Not even for a free ticket to watch it. It's not because we can catch live matches on tv so easily nowadays. The standard is simply too low! Why bother when you can't find a reason to watch it even it is happening right in your doorstep.

A recent article was written in The Star and it just tickled my funny bones about the ever changing format of our football competition. Let me say this; IF FAM WANTS TO EXPERIMENT, GO BACK TO SCHOOL. LET THE REAL PROFESSIONALS RUN THE ASSOCIATION HERE. Many opinions have been given over time about ways to improve but the people who are clinging onto power in FAM are going to bring Malaysian football further down and out.

It is always read with disgust that Malaysian sports associations have to be headed by people with "power of influence". Hey, politics and sports don't mix! You hear me! Damn. How I wished that David Copperfield, he has got real power (magic), can come over and helm FAM so that he can change a bunch of deadwood into stone!!! To me, with or without them doesn't make any difference. Our football standard has been left to rot for a long time!

Long gone Malaysian football.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Making My Opinion Heard

Yeah...that's what I'm gonna do!

You see, in Malaysia, if you wanna blog about the things or rather follies committed by the politicians, it is never ending. True, just look at the 'before and after' events that are happening since March '08. There is only one word to say it all i.e. disgusting.

To my friends in the blogging community, I would like to link to you guys and exchange views, perhaps to let you know my personal experience with the "change" that is so real after election '08, and hear you out as well.

Penang is heading in the right direction with the wind of change. That is reality!

Where is the promise by PM to Penangites?

I read with disgust recently from all the published articles in the newsprints about relevant projects being implemented before election '08 (to make the rakyat feel good??) and after the tsunami election 08 are either NOT sure to be implemented or going to be postponed indefinitely by our so-called caring federal government. Didn't our PM has given his assurance in a meeting with Penang CM recently? WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? PUNISHING THE RAKYAT FOR NOT VOTING THEM IN PENANG???

Now you all know what is our PM doing all this while. He looks like losing control of his mothership and now all his generals are speaking or making decisions suka hati (as what they like). What??? Penang Bridge got land problem? What??? Monorail project got problem too? Awww, come on, before the election you made all the sweet promises to do this and that and now you cakap tak serupa bikin (say one thing, do another thing).

Does Penang need two tourism agencies - one by federal gov't and the other by Penang state gov't? It seems to me that the money to pay the salaries are not our tax payers' money!!! Our rural minister says all JKKK members in PR-controlled states will work for and get paid by federal gov't. What??? Whose money they are getting paid from? What??? From the "excess money" that not declared to Australian gov't many years ago? My foot! It's the rakyat's money!

I'm going to save my breath from dwelling on more issues which you and me have probably read in the newsprints. However, I like to stress that the federal gov't is directly punishing us rakyat for voting for Pakatan Rakyat. Just take note of all the recent announcements and actions taken after the election by these lansi (arrogant) people in the government. YOU AND ME HAVE BEEN VICTIMISED.

So how? Don't we need to change these arrogant MPs into opposition altogether??? To eliminate discrimination from them, we need to have only ONE worthy government that knows how to run the country with the rakyat in mind, no matter in what situation.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

PR Two Up Against Umno-Led BN in Penang

In life, how many times can one be given a golden chance - to impress, to do something good, to rectify one's mistake, etc. etc. ? Not many. But BN have been given 50 years and they have not got the basics right! Needless to say, we are still lagging in many areas. Agree?

Well, we Malaysians have been kind enough to bear with this so-called government of Malaysia. Shall we change them as well??? Wait, don't make up your mind....till you fellow Malaysians finish reading what the new ruling state government so-called DAP , a tiny party with big heart, has done in two months for a fellow rakyat like me!!! Hey, I didn't have to move a truck-load of media people nor do street demo to get a YB from DAP to answer my call and get the job done! Read on....the true story goes like this....

A friend of mine was telling me one day that he has got all the mobile phone numbers of Penang MP's (Pakatan Rakyat, huh). Sounds great! I could not recall getting one from our "former" MP's in Penang. Okay, that's the way to go and when we got a problem we can reach them by just a phone call away. Easy, eh! So, my friend went on to say that the PKR MP called him back on his h/p to speak to him regarding a problem happening at his house - something to do with water hydrant. This PKR MP immediately got the right authority to come over and fix it. Wahhh, I said it was something I didn't hear of for ages, not anything like that in my many years knowing the fact that Umno-led MP's always forgot that the rakyat actually got them into office. PR one up against BN!

Now, that goodwill gesture led me to think that I should ring up my dearest MP as well to air my problem too. So without waiting for the list of h/p numbers, I did a net search for someone I could reach out to from my hometown in Bukit Mertajam. My search led me to DAP website and got myself the number listed under YB Chong Eng. I sent an sms about the water pressure in my housing area which was very low. A day or two later, my house water pressure was up to normal! I got a return sms to check if everything was fine after a couple days. Hey, that was something unknown of in BN's time in Penang - for myself at least. Today, I got a surprise call from YB Chong Eng on my mobile asking about the water situation in my house!!! I was glad indeed. I 'm more glad that this is the change that proves us right! I went on to sms YB about the dirty and muddy water I was getting for a long time ago. Then, a PBA guy called me on my mobile soon after and he wanted to come over to my house to fix the problem. Woahhh....thumbs up from me certainly. Guess, my whole housing area too will see better water quality from now.

The PBA team led by Anthony immediately went into action, flushing out the dirty water through the water hydrants around my housing estate. He was kind enough to show me the clear water in a bottle for comparison on 'before and after'. Okay, I said very well and we talked awhile. I got an understanding that the 'root cause' of the dirty water is linked to other unattended matters....someone (more than one) up there is sleeping on the job. I WILL BLOG THIS TOPIC LATER.

Conclusion, here I got another 'before and after' scenario to sum up the whole episode with regards to my water problem. Before, we had BN state government in Penang, they ruled Penangites for many many years but forgot one basic responsibility that put them into power. Forgot to tell Umno-BN who is the boss too. The rakyat appreciate the little response that they ask for, NOT contracts, cetainly not projects. So, I would not bother to call them for problem like this because they would not bother to respond. After, we voted DAP (and PKR) into power to lead us Penangites, for two months I begin to feel, hear and see CHANGES that I have not felt before. Do you think our former arrogant MP's will call you on your mobile??? Do you think these bunch of lansi, kris-wielding, nonsense talking MP's will check on your dirty tap water??? Think again, you can make up your mind whom you want to lead Malaysia, now and 50 years on!

My hopes are sky-high and my confidence is Penangites will (and should) embrace this new state government to lead us for a long time to come. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and I will spread the great words about you.

DAP, two up (2-0)against Umno-led BN. Yehhhhh!

My funny encounter with police!

Just the other day, I was fetching a customer from overseas, Singapore to be exact, from the airport. You know how some "turtle" drivers whose driving skills and understanding of driving ethics on the road are pathetic. And this driver was driving at 40-50kph on a no-overtaking road. But behind me was the police. So I took the gamble by overtaking him with no car insight along the quiet road alas as I was rushing to my workplace. Guess it wasn’t my day and the police immediately sounded the siren and signalled me to pull over!

Oh my gosh, I didn’t want to put my guest thru’ all this! So, as usual the police in Malaysia will ask for your driving licence and ID when they stop you on the road, just to make sure they can catch you in the tighter spot i.e. expired licence and blah blah blah - meaning more opportunities la! Oh yeah, one thing I must add though; the policemen here are famous for one thing, has become ’infamous’ to all fellow Malaysians (all drivers).........thats why they have a sticker on the back of the police car reads "NO BRIBERY" in our national language. If you translate into Malay language would be "Jangan Rasuah". Now that tells you they are so used to it!!! Hahaha.

The story of the younger guys called me over to the police car (out of my car) and pulled out a piece of paper with some names jotted down, perhaps were the names he caught for some minor offences and "let go" during his round of the day. Or just got the kopi money (we meant bribe here) and let people like me off the hook. As I was thinking the moment I got stopped by them, I needed to make up a story to get myself off the hook - the ticket. So, I told the policemen.......Sir, I am rushing my guest to factory and you need to give me a chance. Moreover the car in front of me is driving so slow. As usual, in most cases with the policemen in Malaysia, you can only "buy" your way out, forget about your sob stories. One of the younger guys said if I wanted to be given a chance, I needed to tell him the amount. There you go......!

But I was not going to part with my hard-earned cash and I always felt for minor offence like this, a verbal warning or reminder would be enough. Then, he asked me who was the Malay guy sitting in the car (that’s when I did the trick) and was he a Datuk (in Malaysia a Datuk means a person with honorary title and a big shot) or what?? I quickly said to him ’a hell yeah’ and you gotta keep your image from taking money from me in front of this Datuk, my honourable guest. They were looking back at my guest a couple times and my guest nodded to them in acknowledgement, as cool as he could. So, need to do the honourable thing which he certainly did and they LET ME OFF THE HOOK and drove off to find their next prey. HAHAHAHA.

So, to all fellow Malaysians, this is a lesson or trick you may use the next time you encounter a situation like witty and don’t panic. All they want is your hard-earned cash and all we need to do is ’use your brain la brother’! Show them we got more brain than them. With that I’m signing off with terimakasihhhhhhh and do come back for more interesting realtime stories from me.......PEACE!