Sunday, August 31, 2008

Independence Day

I couldn't recall when was the last time I felt the euphoria of our National Day or Merdeka Day as they like to use this term. Now, don't question my patriotism. I'm sure there are many like me out there. The reason....I'll make my view simple.

I will equate it with a father and son relationship. In a house, father is always regarded as the head of family. He got to strike a balance and be fair to everyone in the house. He got to be firm and yet take care of everyone's feelings and needs. In return, everyone in the house respect him as a head and probably look up to him as their leader or role model. So, the people in the house will cherish the moment on a special occasion i.e. anniversary, birthday, etc. with a celebration. This is also a time whereby people will pour out affection, show appreciation, remember and celebrate the special occasion for him.

Having said that, what has our National Day (Hari Kebangsaan) or Independence Day (Merdeka Day) given you year in year out for the past 50 years? And 51st this year - today 31/08/2008? To sum it up, I can only say Malaysia has been turning back the clock to "stone age" years. We are back-tracking to RACISM. We are still not known as Malaysians by and large. We are identified by color of skin. We have double standards to everything in Malaysia, especially government formulated policies! WE ARE CITIZENS OF MALAYSIA BUT NOT EQUAL.

Now, what is there to celebrate about? Every year is the same old preaching for unity, patriotism but only nothing short of achieving it. Where 'action speaks louder than word', this is deeply buried in the ground. No Action Talk Only = NATO.

I see less flags being flown whether in private buildings, on vehicles except those mandatory ones. We have all made known to them, CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. But they still don't get it as many Malaysians have put it. Why, because of great concern of their "rice bowl" too. The rakyat loses nevermind as our economy is dwindling. Essential goods are spiraling high. Budget 2009 is f**k-up, mind you. I would like to believe it as NATO. I don't feel good about the whole budget. I believe it is done in haste without direction!

The jerk that called us Chinese IMMIGRANTS in his speech was not an isolated person in Umno. There are many like him. Why? Because his party breathes RACISM loud and clear. The leadership condoned such behavior in the name of Malay unity, NOT MALAYSIAN UNITY. He would be advised not to repeat this racial slur as remarked by PM. How sweet...!!! Again NATO. Even a 3-year old kid would be walking off smiling and others will repeat it next time!

We see change, WE WANT CHANGE. The sooner the better!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Man Of The Hour

Anwar our best and only chance for justice and equality for everyone 29/08/08 0 comments
By John Lee, The Malaysian Indsider

AUG 29 — As the Permatang Pauh by-election fades into the recesses of our memories, there is talk of it being a turning point in our country’s history. Unfortunately, this talk habitually and routinely focuses on the possibility of changing the government by Sept 16.

It ignores a simple reality: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has already made history by being the first Malay politician to ever actually win more political support through an explicitly non-racial platform. It is practically impossible to underestimate how Anwar bucked the trend; he has completely turned our understanding of politics in this country on its head.

History has already made it crystal-clear; Malay politicians who try to unite the country by appealing to a common sense of Malaysian-ness inevitably wind up heading into political oblivion. Dato Onn Ja’afar’s political career went up in flames the moment he founded the firstmultiracial political party in the country, in spite of it having every conceivable advantage — it was literally the incumbent party of the time because of Onn’s towering status in Malayan politics. And it, of course, foundered completely.

Since then nobody has even tried to unite the Malays as Malaysians. Unite the Malays as Malays, of course; Syed Jaafar Albar famously proclaimed in the 1960s that he was a Malay first and a Malaysian second. Syed Hussein Alatas made an admirable attempt to change Malaysian politics through Gerakan, and we all know how that turned out. Literally every Malay leader who has tried to be Malaysian first ever since has risked being branded as a sell-out, a puppet of the non-Malays and a stooge of Lee Kuan Yew.

The one exception was Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who experienced some brief success with his Bangsa Malaysia idea. This only makes sense, considering Dr Mahathir’s iron-fisted handling of anyone who dared to oppose him; it is thus a pity that he never took this policy beyond mere words.

The moment Dr Mahathir handed over the reins to his successor, Malay politicians were up in arms criticising Bangsa Malaysia as a “nebulous” and untenable concept for daring to acknowledge that the non-Malays have a place in this country too.

So here we are today: 51 years after independence, the easiest way to tar a Malay politician next to calling him a Jew-lover is to accuse him of saying this country belongs to the Chinese and Indians too. That is simply how Malaysian politics works; to win the support of the Malays, you need to denounce the non-Malays as foreign squatters, who are only here as a matter of privilege rather than right, a privilege revocable at any time.

And what a coincidence it is — that is exactly how the Malaysian government works too. If you’re not an Indonesian who can be counted as a Malay, your application for permanent residency or citizenship can never hope to see the light of day. If you’re not a Malay, you canexpect to hear your fair share of racist remarks in a public national school — and not from students, mind you, but teachers. As a student you can expect a syllabus which teaches you about the meaning of ketuanan Melayu rather than bangsa Malaysia. As an employee you canexpect a civil service where you’re not welcome unless they need you to fulfil their minuscule quota of non-Malay recruits. As an entrepreneur you can expect a government — and many government-linked companies — which will not give you any business unless you are a Malay. Half a century after independence, and that’s what 40% of this country has to look forward to.
And since this is how the government works, up-and-coming politicians and political activists realise this is how politics works too. That is why even though you will never hear the typical Malaysian voicing such sentiments, political activists will readily denounce the non-Malays as foreign squatters here at the behest of a social contract which gives them the privilege, not right, to stay and live here.

Since this is how politics and government have worked since time immemorial, we owe Anwar an incredible debt for nearly single-handedly turning all this — everything — completely on its head. For the past half century, to be a good Malay leader, you have either had to publicly proclaim your support for ketuanan Melayu — and not the mild ketuanan as in strong leadership, but ketuanan as in “blood will run in the streets if our demands are not met” — or you have had to simply avoid commenting on the issue and just hope you can be all things to all people. Anwar ran on a platform, not of vague meaningless nice- sounding platitudes, but a platform explicitly against everything ketuanan Melayu stands for.

This is a man, mind you, who celebrated the end of his ban on active politics by damning ketuanan Melayu and consigning it to the dust heap of history. This is a man who has publicly and repeatedly proclaimed that his commitment is to the sovereignty of the people — ketuanan rakyat — rather than the dominance of the Malays.

This is a man who has never wavered from his stand that the philosophy of government assistance based on racial origin, rather than economic status, is fundamentally and morally wrong. This is a man who has repeatedly, wherever he goes, whoever he speaks to, driven home the same point, again and again: “Anak Melayu, anak saya. Anak Cina, anaksaya. Anak India, anak saya.”

And this is a man who has had everything in the traditional playbook of Malaysian politics thrown at him. He’s been labelled a heretic, a sodomite, a liar, a hypocrite, a traitor willing to sell the Malays and Malaysians out at a moment’s notice. The ruling coalition has doneeverything in their power to make it known far and wide that this is a man committed to non-racialism; committed to a Malaysia where everyone belongs.

Regardless of whether you think he deserves it, or if he was just lucky, credit is due to Anwar: where so many brave Malay leaders have fallen and failed, he has won an incredible victory. Onn Ja’afar was vilified simply for opening up his political party to Malayans of all creeds and colours; Anwar has gone above and beyond, explicitly declaring that this is a country for all Malaysians, whoever they might be. And he has won a resounding victory.

It would be one thing if he scraped through with a majority of less than 5,000 votes in the recent by-election, but the fact is, it was not even close — not with a landslide majority of 15,000, larger even than the majority his wife won before he explicitly condemned ketuananMelayu. Anwar has succeeded where everyone else has failed; he has carved out a broad base of political support, not on a platform of rights or privileges for one community, but a platform of justice and equality of opportunity for all communities.

Criticise Anwar all you like for his inconsistent and wishy-washy stands on other issues. Criticise his coalition for its internal dissension and strange hypocrisy all you want. You can even say youhave no intention of trusting a man who might just stab you in the back the moment he gains power.

The fact of the matter is, you do not have a choice between Anwar and your ideal, committed, consistent, sincere Malaysian leader. Your choice, in the here and now, is between Anwar and a regime built on racism, built on stoking the flames of mistrust and hatred. This regime of hatred has delivered its promise of ketuanan Melayu; why should we expect things to be any worse under a regime promising ketuanan rakyat? At the worst, it’s the same old shit under a different government; at best, we might finally have a government and a political system which works for all Malaysians rather than whoever yells the loudest and threatens the most blood.

As far as taking power is concerned, this is still a long shot. Anwar may yet turn out to be a flop on delivering if he ever gets the chance to govern. But the simple and stark reality is, as far as we who live in the present are concerned, he is our best and only chance to put a stop to this insanity.

Anwar is not the perfect vessel for uniting the country, but there is a reason he scares the powers that be: he is the first real chance we have ever had to unite the country against the demons of racialism and parochialism. And for now, he is our only chance. He is the only one who can cross ethnic barriers to proclaim a commitment to a Malaysia where Malaysians, not Malays, are sovereign, and actually win more support than before.

I am no huge fan of Anwar, but I recognise what he has done, and how far he has come. I support him, not because I like him as a person, but because I believe in the cause he champions, and because I believe that if there is any person in this country who can make that dream a reality, it is Anwar Ibrahim.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post Mortem

Does the title ring a bell? Sounds all too familiar, right?

OK, this is what BN or Umno will do after each loss in an election especially getting a drubbing from the other side. Of course there is not so much difference in Anwar's win than March 8 by his wife. It is not a total whitewash for Arif. After all he still managed a decent total of votes. Mind you, we all know it was David vs Goliath.

The big issue is actually given the nature of how BN/Umno failed. Firing in all cylinders, big guns came blazing, call it whatever tactics available they could use, the cash never was a problem to throw and you name it they had it strategy. In the end, the victory they so hard up for never came! Why???

Simple. Anwar was speaking the truth and facts, BN churned out lies and fiction! Coupled with arrogance and dirty tactics they blew away even a fraction of chance to win. So, that sums up why Permatang Pauh is still firmly intact in PR's claws now.

The real DRAMA has just begun. Hail our new Mr. Opposition Leader DSAI!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Show Must Go On

Well, I was there of course, quite early. By the time we left Berapit polling station, the crowd were trickling in about 9.00am. Together we contributed 3 votes.

Things were as usual except one minor hiccup, not supposed to happen though. As we went in the voting area, we had to line up to get our numbers and specific voting hall from SPR staff. Out of sudden a senior man in SPR jacket, looking more like a senior official told us to go straight to the polling hall if we had had our number checked in the internet or outside (usually offered by parties workers).

Sensing no need to 'Q' as the sun was shining bright, what a welcome instruction anyway. So everyone went straight to line up near the halls - 1, 2 and 3. Some holding the numbers given by parties workers, some from SPR staff earlier and some like us already checked through the internet. an about turn, we were told all must get our numbers from the SPR staff inside the polling area! Awww, the noises were heard everywhere! What da f*** I cursed. Very simple blunder and yet in this very important event.

What was the message of this whole thing - why two different sets of numbers? Was it planned? How come no one knew especially the parties workers trying to assist voters outside the voting compound? We went back to get our 'real" numbers and proceeded to line up at the polling halls but not without making our grouses heard loud and clear. Nevermind, we had decided early whom to cast our votes for!

As expected, upon checking the result as at 8.30pm, Anwar has won unofficially with comfortable majority. And as expected too, all the TV stations are in the blackout mode - no news at all.

The show must go on - given another opportunity, we shall vote them out!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My comment on Anwar Ibrahim's blog
Aug 23rd, 2008 at 8:28 am #23

Firstly, I wish you ‘get well soon’ and may you be in the pinkest of health, Tok Guru.

I’m very touch to see your continued support for Anwar and belief in upholding justice in cases against him. We all know what Umno is doing and how dirty they can be. Lately I have read and heard many good things about you, not from the Malays but from the Chinese. I have no doubt the leadership in you has won many hearts from the non-Malays too.

Lastly, as can be seen in my blog, I have not wavered in my support for Anwar and I have ensured 3 votes from my family for this by-election. A good leader must lead all and for all - I believe with Tok Guru’s support, Malaysia will be united and prosper!



I just wish Malaysians can live as Malaysians without differentiating skin colors. Don't be blinded by negative propaganda.

Leaders come and go. Don't follow them blindly. If we subscribe to racism, everything we work for will be as good as GONE. We need a Malaysian leader to lead and unite Malaysia.

Make PEACE to Malaysia.

Damn Again

Money, money, money, dropping from the "sky" - guess it is in everybody's wish list that everyday is a by-election day!

Our Nahhh giving money by the millions to mosques and suraus - 100K and 30K each respectively. Just go and check out the numbers. How generous! I really puked reading this in the news. I'm not against it but the manner it is done.... Only a handful will benefit or rather the people surrounding the by-election areas. Silly.

How can they do that? Does it help or reach out to the many needy people? Will the money given be put to good use by the handful? This goes only to show the way Umno runs the garmen. Money given to entice voters whenever election takes place. And yet they put it as "coincident". What is the difference with buying votes? When you buy something, you pay with money, right? I can tell you, such action constitutes to BRIBERY because the motive is such.

I just wonder, these people who do such a thing called themselves leaders to Malaysia!!! Not even once they put on a thinking cap. It is not something new anyway. We have had it for many uncountable years - finding the easier way out but don't benefit Malaysians by and large.

A bunch of no hopers. It is the taxpayers' money - don't give away as though is yours! DAMN.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I just can't help it when looking back at all the things that the ruling garmen have done since they almost lost in the general election in March this year. I can't see any good things worth mentioning thus far - only follies.

This goes again to show how vulnerable BN is especially a particular party claiming to have the biggest membership and getting the Malays majority support. They have been so busy thinking of ways and mean to counter Anwar that they have forgotten how to run the country called Malaysia! Being racist will not necessarily generates support from your own "skin color". The very word 'racist' has a very degrading meaning. Get it?

So how can being racist generate support??? Stupid morons. Let me put it this way; Malays too are clever to judge what is right and what is wrong nowadays. The gap of the rich and poor Malays has widen, so obviously they know what is happening in Umno. This very party only make cronies richer by the day.

If you are following, day in day out you will find "trash" in the news and those newspapers guilty of publishing trash are none other than most of the dailies in national language and two main English ones. I must admit to some; do they have a choice not to publish garmen's trash??? The answer is a big 'NO'.

We have had two Chinese-based parties' stalwarts crossing over to the other side i.e. Anwar-led party recently. There are many more but to the powers-that-be, they just brush it off as 'false alarm'. Huh, the reality has almost set in - it is going from 'false alarm' to 'very alarming'! I am one firm believer that Umno will be a goner and sooner.

There are so many pressing issues in Malaysia that are affecting Malaysians' daily lives. And yesterday we saw in the front page, like I said earlier the dailies were pro-garmen - no choice, our current PM took a ride in the monorail and LRT and found the real issues on the ground and by his very own admission there was a "real problem". YOU MUST BE JOKING.

Now only you know ar, Mr. PM??? Very first time you went to the LRT ground, you already stepped on the "banana skin"!!! How many years these monorail, LRT and whatever have been in operation? The Star and Putra LRT have even "changed hand" since. Simply award projects, this is what you get - create problems to the people. There are so many "banana skins" created out there in the last 30 years, by whom???

Sort it out. Use CAT policy! DAMN.

Friday, August 22, 2008

By-Election, Real Drama

I got a shock of my life seeing more than 20 FRU trucks, all sorts, lining along the road near a hotel at Chai Leng Park today. With no FRUs in sight, I guess they must be "enjoying" themselves watching Olympics or resting comfortably in the hotel rooms.

So what is all the fuss with so many FRUs in town? Meaning the Pmtg Pauh by-election is getting Umno all so worked up. No, no, it is not really. Remember we had our GE in March and only a skeleton of policemen were on duty.

Now just because ONE MAN of Anwar's calibre, of course the man himself, has gotten these cowards so afraid that they need to be ready to strike anytime with FRUs! I guess special commandos are in town too. We are going to vote NOT going to war! Don't waste tax-payors' money.

Another thing which I personally felt wasn't right was to "exploit" our hero Lee Chong Wei the way they just did. Of all places, Sbg. Jaya BN by-election platform was used to present a mock cheque to LCW coupled with the timing of the presentation and the speech made by Nahhhh. I puked honestly. Why not at LCW's hometown, badminton hall that he played during his childhood or even during Merdeka Day Celebration since Lee is our real hero now?

A little man with big heart and big achievement can unite Malaysians of all walks of life. But not a big party with biggest membership - no they never ever can. What a contrast between two young men - that other man basks in the "glory" of sodomy and putting Malaysia to shame.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As the Pmtg Pauh by-election draws nearer, the folks there can expect a windfall. Surely. Am I not right to say so, better check it out in your daily news.

There have been claims that BN is giving cash to the voters there! Some people even asked me did I not get the cash or go for the cash since I would be voting next Tuesday. Cash or no cash, I know whom to cast my vote! Yeah right, the BN candidate said the cash was for the party workers. Liar!

This morning while driving to work I heard from the radio that 6 Chinese schools in Pmtg Pauh would be getting RM200K allocation (cash?). And the minister concerned said it was a coincidence, nothing to do with the by-election. Hey dude, Malaysia have had so many elections and each time the people would be showered with "sweets". Not a coincidence, have you got your facts right??? Treat us as kids and we will think of you as fools - dedicated to all the powers-that-be.

This Sai-fool came out and swore on the holy-book on the eve of by-election nomination day, was it a coincidence??? Sodomy II was invented when Anwar was in the midst of announcing his chosen constituency for by-election, was it a coincidence??? The day after he supposedly "won" over Malaysians in the public debate, was ambushed in commando-style by the special police squad and taken for interrogation and stayed a night in jail, was it a coincidence and intimidation???

Tabling of DNA Bill now, is it a coincidence??? What about the SD I & SD II? What about PI Bala disappearance? The doctor's report being released? His disappearance? The hospital concerned making unjustified statements? These are questions begged to be answered. Coincidently the leading party in BN has become racist I guess.

There are so many invention of coincidence in Malaysia nowadays by the fools and they expect us clever Malaysians to just "eat it". Dey pordah!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Danger In Front

How many times have you come across this in broad daylight; see picture? This lorry is carrying a mountain load of scrap metals, over the permitted height of its body and tilting dangerously, obviously overloaded.

It makes you want to stop such vehicles and give the drivers a tight slap on the face to remind them of the dangerous act they have committed. Where are the police? If they have really been caught and summoned umpteen times, why are they still on the roads, everywhere? Just driving around Prai you will spot them.

Meaning to say they have got away with it and blatantly breaking the law under the nose of the police and JPJ. Sounds fishy? Perhaps the lorry owners have "settled" in advance with them! But believe me, try your luck driving with an expired roadtax or talking on the handphone without a hands-free kit, they will spot you easily. Meaning to say, they are not "blind". Needless to say more, inefficiency and irregularities are all there to be seen.

What would you do the next time you spotted such vehicles? Overtake them as fast as you can, bet ya!

Congratulations, anyway!

Congratulations to Lee Chong Wei for taking the silver medal anyway.

I just felt that Lin Dan had had an "added energy" in his body! So pumped up was another thing but playing like a robot (never seen before) worth taking a second opinion! Lee was never allowed into the game altogether - I felt like Lee was playing against two Lins on court. So strange.

Well, one has to accept defeat graciously but I just couldn't figure out the way Lin had the game all wrapped up too easily. Perhaps IOC needs to take a urine test on Lin! Marion Jones is a classic case - years later things completely turned around.

Lee Chong Wei, we are still proud of your achievement. Keep up.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malaysia's Olympics Gold Medallist

This is my prediction!

I believe the whole nation would love to see this happens tonight. Yes, Malaysia's first Olympics gold medal in history will happen tonight! Or never for a long time to come. So, based on my own simple analysis, Lee Chong Wei will stand on the podium with gold medal. How?

Let's look at it this way....

1. The form book at the Olympics - Lee is on top of his game, Lin just maintains the way he plays. 1-1
2. The defense - both are equally good at the moment. Draw 2-2
3. The stroke - both are equal at the moment. Draw 3-3
4. The net play - Lee has played some very tight net shots that produced many winning points.
Lee 4-3
5. The smash - Lee has been deadly, firing from every angle so far. Lee 5-3
6. The error - except when Lee practically gave up the 2nd set to conserve enough energy for the 3rd in the semi-finals, Lee has kept it minimal, so does Lin. Draw 6-4
7. The all around skills put up at the Olympics - Lee has shown his best and is known to produce very tricky shots even under pressure. Lee 7-4
8. The on-court temperament - Lee is the coolest which is important to stay focussed. Lin is known all along to be hard-headed. Lee 8-4

So, do you agree? If you are following the development from day 1 at the Olympics, You would have noticed the 8 pointers in my analysis which favors Lee thus far. Not to be biased, it's anybody's game on court, at least to the neutrals.

Lastly, I play badminton in my hometown in Bukit Mertajam, the place also referred to as Lee Chong Wei Badminton Hall. His second brother is full of confidence whenever I talk to him - that LCW will triumph this time.

Wei To GOLD, Lee Chong Wei.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes, he can but....

Lee Chong Wei has done it - Malaysia's first silver in Olympics badminton singles but I guess he is good for GOLD.

Come this Sunday the whole nation will be rooting for him to take the gold medal and of course beat Lin Dan which is the hardest to-date. For that to happen, Lee cannot afford to give away a single set if he hopes to go one better over Lin. It's now or never. Lin Dan looks normal, nothing much special so far.

So, Lee should pull out all his tricks one final time - no holds barred. Go on the offensive is the key to tame Lin and of course play a clever game too.

Let's pray for Lee to achieve gold, something that Malaysia can be proud of and for the world to acknowledge. Certainly at the moment, nothing else!

Go, go, go, LEE CHONG WEI, you are already the winner!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Can he delivers?

Well, after watching yesterday's match, I have every confidence that Lee Chong Wei will deliver Malaysia's first ever Olympic gold medal.

Playing with such finesse, I would think his last two opponents in Lee Hyun Il and Lin Dan may have to dig deep to beat him. Let's take a look at the Korean. He likes to play a stoke game and good in attack too, occasionally. But no matter how you look at it, he does not possess the all round skills to upset LCW unless he can play a flawless game.

Saying flawless would best describe LCW's game to-date. Ronald Susilo and Sony Dwi Koncoro was no match for LCW superiority and deadly drops and smashes - many tricky shots too. This is what made a true champion - superior on match day.

I hope Lee Chong Wei will play to his best ability tonight in the semi-finals. Good luck, Lee Chong Wei.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beijing Olympics - Badminton

For awhile I've been blogging about the state of politics in Malaysia - current issues that make you vomit blood. Surely one of them is corruption and more corrupt cases being dug out like worms.

So, one issue that puts me in disbelief this time is about our national badminton team competing in the Olympics. What a shame! Do I need to say anything else??? Blogging at this moment while anticipating LCW match up against SDK. LCW should pull through to the semi-finals. Beside this point, what more can I say about the rest? Pathetic.

With all the hype going into the games, they flopped yet again. Again? Not a surprise to me at least going by the way they played out their matches. They have everything there e.g. skills, experience, match temperament, well prepared, one of the best coaches, etc, etc. But what they don't have....I tell you, the Winning Mentality!

Many a time our players go into a tournament saying last 16, last 8 or last 4 will be satisfactory. What kind of target is that??? Why can't they aim for a championship medal or No.1 spot? It's not about boasting, it's about one's confidence. If don't have confident, why participate in the first place? Sports is all about winning and huge money being spent to get one prepared and going.

I've said before in my blog; badminton is not a powerhouse sport but Malaysia has the tradition as a badminton playing nation and a top one too. It is the only event which Malaysia can win a medal (gold???) in international games but yet still remains elusive, each time when it matters most. I would not want to single out the players that flopped in the Olympics, after all they already given up winning before they landed in China.

Like when a commentator asked one of the players about the chances of winning, he just said "if only we can beat the Japs first"! That's from our young hotshots. Couldn't he say, "going to gun for the gold no matter what"? See, mentally he is not prepared or "programmed" to win but lose! Of course there is no 'draw' otherwise....

Aghast is the word to sum up my feelings for the badminton team for now. Over to you Lee Chong Wei.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A 50-Year Old Nation, A 50-Year Old Adult

I just don't understand. That's not an understatement.

It doesn't take a schoolboy to understand but not our leaders, nation and even many hypocrites still lurking unnoticed in Malaysia. Yeah, they came out like hooligans last Saturday, alright! All in the name of Malays' rights being challenged. How sad a storyline being concocted this way, still did not warrant a hooligan act.

Summing up the recent forum, when a former Suhakam commissioner and activist who is a Muslim aptly commented on TV "why a 50-year old nation like Malaysia still could not have open discussions on issues pertaining to Malaysians". She was puzzled, lost for word. Me too!

What were our leaders doing last Saturday? PM wake up! They actually played into the hands of these hypocrites. Leaders are whom the citizens look up to in trying times or issues concerning the nation. Leaders set the examples, who do the right thing. Apparently many do not adhere to this very principal. By merely saying "this is not right, that is not right" will not solve all the national problems plugging us for 50 years. Anything deemed sensitive is liken to a time-bomb waiting to explode. How true it was on last Saturday.

Amid fighting for their own survival, anything less political is not important anymore. A headless chicken wandering aimlessly is very much the truth for Malaysia these days. National issues are put aside. Taking a look at the real scenario, everyday is the same old storyline - merely providing lip-service.

This is the reality; how things are taken for granted for 50 years now coming back to haunt them. A 50-year old adult would have been matured enough to sit down, talk and find a solution to a sensitive problem. But for 50 years our leaders lack the courage and chose to ignore.

If a father doesn't teach the son, who else can!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My comment posted on NO HOLDS BARRED

Muslims do not know how to be Muslims. Muslims do everything Islam is against. Muslims are hypocrites. That is what ails Malaysia. That is the sickness of our society.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

I just wonder how many Muslim friends are like RPK who speaks from the heart and the truth out there??? I have long wanted to say this in the open but kept in my mind for fear of "hurting" our Muslim friends or worse still being "hammered" by the overzealous leftists.

Just look at the news in about the development of a FORUM touching on religious issues. The leftists are getting involved, amid violent behaviour, the police are issuing warnings, the DPM is against it....WHERE IS DEMOCRACY IN MALAYSIA???

It's a forum anyway and it is not going to take away anything from nobody! It's not going to grab a piece of the Malay rights! There is NO REASON to fear this sort of gathering. The same thing happened in such forum in Penang not long ago.

I have Muslim friends and my young daughter has Muslim friends too. They joined in the fun when she celebrated her 10th birthday. The young ones started their friendship without prejudice. WHY CAN'T WE ADULTS DO THE SAME NOWADAYS? In fact the role of the Government is to instill such "love" for all our brothers and sisters irrespective of religion or faith. smilies/shocked.gif

RPK, I hope you will continue to TEACH AND GUIDE all the hypocrites in Malaysia that WE ARE ALL ONE HEART, ONE NATION. Thank you for standing by us without fear or favor! May GOD Bless You always!

Beijing Olympic Games 08.08.08

I shared the joy and pride in watching the 2008 Olympics officially unveiled and opened in my ancestor land - CHINA. I would say the grandest of all and most historical in terms of Chinese history to be shown in a world event.

OK, I'm Chinese, born in Malaysia and I call myself a Malaysian. But somehow still identified as Malaysian Chinese in my homeland! Nevermind, that's our government's policy. What makes me so proud is my Chinese blood still running deep in me and seeing how my ancestor land has developed into such powerhouse. I overheard one of the English-speaking commentator was saying in another 10 years China will have the biggest economy in the world! It is a fact.

It is a fact that nobody can denied that China has in a decade or so ago shunned the outside world - a real communist state at that time. Imagine North Korea. Now, how the dragon has awoken to these days have made many countries including Malaysia lagging a real distance behind, economically especially. A bit shy for me to admit.

It is not that Malaysia can't do it. But why are we not doing it or even try to do it? Are we not good enough? Just look at Malaysia's position in world sports (badminton is not a major Olympics game and squash is not in it) and ability to compete with the best in the world. We are not even there, shoulder to shoulder. Whether we can hold this ultimate games in our shores or winning gold medals against the big boys, we are just lacking in execution, only talk.

An event like the Olympics is a symbol of success for a developed nation. Our national goal is achieving a developed status, target is in year 2020. Today we are staring at 2008, do a simple calculation, yet we are almost going backward. One minister even has the neck to say the world always "disturb and hurt" Malaysia's economy in every 10-year cycle!!! This minister with an alphabet 'R' in his first name, must be a good joker.

The political developments in Malaysia too will pull the nation backward for another 10-20 years if not address now. I say 10-20 years because I'm just comparing Malaysia to Singapore. Remind you, our southern neighbor is many times smaller than Malaysia in size. But the leaders there have a big heart and practise fair and good governance.

The present government will never change in its approach, in fact is going backward. The lob-sided policies have all taken their roots in Malaysia and are so hard to be even altered. Malaysians except a few are not reaping the fruits planted by our grandparents, parents and us. So, what is left for our 3rd generation....gloomy.

CHANGE is unprecedented!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


What do you understand of about KARMA?

We all know every religion teaches us to do good and refrain from doing bad. But most often or not people believe God will forgive them when they repent in the name of God or perform religious rite. Not so, especially in Buddhism.

In Indian philosophy, the influence of an individual's past actions on his future lives or reincarnations. It is based on the conviction that the present life is only one in a chain of lives (see samsara). The accumulated moral energy of a person's life determines his or her character, class status, and disposition in the next life. The process is automatic, and no interference by the gods is possible. In the course of a chain of lives, people can perfect themselves and reach the level of Brahma, or they can degrade themselves to the extent that they return to life as animals. The concept of karma, basic to Hinduism, was also incorporated into Buddhism and Jainism.

In Buddhism, the doctrine of karma states the implications for ethics of the basic universal law of Dharma, one aspect of which is that freely chosen and intended moral acts inevitably entail consequences (Pāli, kamma-niyama). It is impossible to escape these consequences and no one, not even the Buddha, has the power to forgive evil deeds and short-circuit the consequences which inevitably follow. A wrongful thought, word, or deed is one which is committed under the influence of the three roots of evil (akuśala-mūla), while good deeds stem from the opposites of these, namely the three ‘virtuous roots’ (kuśala-mūla). These good or evil roots nourished over the course of many lives become ingrained dispositions which predispose the individual towards virtue or vice. Wrongful actions are designated in various ways as evil (pāpa), unwholesome (akuśala), demeritorious (apuṇya), or corrupt (saṃkliṣṭa), and such deeds lead inevitably to a deeper entanglement in the process of suffering and rebirth (saṃsāra). Karma determines in which of the six realms of rebirth one is reborn, and affects the nature and quality of individual circumstances (for example, physical appearance, health, and prosperity). According to Buddhist thought the involvement of the individual in saṃsāra is not the result of a ‘Fall’, or due to ‘original sin’ through which human nature became flawed. Each person, accordingly, has the final responsibility for his own salvation and the power of free will with which to choose good or evil.

People who believe in karma will really think twice before committing any wrongdoing. It is because evil will befall on us even in after life and rebirth for the evil deeds that we committed in human life.

Every wrongdoing has karma! Think twice before you do something bad!


Finally we have it....Saudara Anwar is going to contest in Permatang Pauh.

Many have also predicted, including our DPM, that it is not an easy contest. So, given the real scenario in place, there is no way Umno is going to win in the by-election there. We also know Anwar is definitely winning because those morons are continuing with where they left off - corrupt to the core.

Of course we still hear some politicians just want to talk through their back hole, especially from the 'other side of the fence'. I know every Malaysian is anticipating when Anwar is going to the lock-up! Yes, we all know the sodomy case is fake but there is only one way they can put Anwar away and for good, right? Mind you the stakes are high this time. We shall see what they pull out from their sleeves anyway.

So, what are we going to do if that happens? Massive boycott of the present day garmen? I don't think Malaysians will have the balls to do so. They are too powerful for us citizens. Are we that powerless then? Another 5 years before the next general election to voice our "opinion" is far too long. By then, things may have died down or would have been "sweetened".

Permatang Pauh is where I cast my vote. I have two votes in the house and a couple more within the family circle. So, I have the "power" to voice my opinion again, a couple months after March 8. Many things have changed or happened after that fateful day. More blunders from the garmen than good, as usual! Again, I will SHIT on them this second time! Yes!

Like I said before; I'm neutral. As a responsible citizen of Malaysia, I stand for good governance. I vote YOU to serve not to "bully" me. That is shared by every Malaysian, I strongly believe. So, fellow Malaysians, do you want the garmen to shit on you or you shit on them instead??? Let's go all out and tell them aloud 'who is the boss' in Permatang Pauh. Vote for....

May GOD be with us and see changes and justice are done in our beloved country, called MALAYSIA.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Posting Courtesy Of Malaysia Today

It is the unanimous opinion at home and abroad that the current sodomy allegation is a political conspiracy to prevent Anwar from leading Pakatan Rakyat in an imminent take-over of power from a crumbling Barisan Nasional.


Kim Quek

Hospital Pusrawi made an attempt through a press statement to negate its own medical report that shows no sodomy on Saiful (Anwar’s aide). However, its repeatedly contradictory and evasive answers to probing questions from reporters during the press conference clearly revealed that the hospital was merely putting up a show to hide the truth.

In the press conference on July 30, the hospital’s general manager Wan Mahmood Wan Yaacob (accompanied by the hospital’s medical director Kamaruddin Ahmad) denied the Saiful medical report related to sodomy, considered the examining doctor as unqualified to examine for sodomy, and even cast doubt on the authenticity of the Saiful report that is in wide circulation. He made all these assertions despite overwhelming evidences to the contrary.

However, under unrelenting questioning, Wan Mahmood admitted that the report in circulation “looks the same, contents are the same” as the original report. Then why did the hospital go into the redundant measure of setting up a three-men committee to probe into the authenticity of the circulating report - which bears all the hallmarks of typical Barisan Nasional tactic to delay and prevent the truth from emerging?

Dr. Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid who examined Saiful Bukhari Azlan at 2.00 pm on June 28 clearly stated in his report on Saiful that the patient had no bleeding, tear or scar in the rectal/anal area and that he appeared “alert, comfortable, not pale”. Under the heading “diagnosis”, Dr. Osman wrote: TRO Assault (Sodomy) (TRO stands for ‘to rule out’). It means Dr. Osman ruled out sodomy. Under the heading “rawatan” (treatment), Dr. Osman wrote: Advise to go to the government hospital (plan to do police report). It means that the doctor asked Saiful to go to a government hospital for a check-up as required by law, since he was going to make a police report.

This medical report, though brief, is a true record that Dr. Osman had examined Saiful and found no physical evidence of sodomy. Such a report could preclude subsequent medical finding to the contrary, considering that, four hours after Dr. Osman’s examination, Saiful visited Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) where he made a police report and subjected himself to another medical examination, the contents of which are now being zealously guarded by the police.

With regards to Dr. Osman’s competence, both Wan Mahmood and Kamaruddin said they “had no doubt on Mohamed’s credibility as a doctor” and further commented, “He was a good doctor”. With such an appraisal, it is puzzling how Dr. Osman, who is 56 years old and has twenty years of medical experience, could be considered as unfit to carry out a simple examination on a sodomy assault. In fact, Dr. Osman’s report is not only relevant in the court of law, it is also invaluable to the police engaged in their preliminary investigation on the veracity of this sodomy allegation.

Instead of treasuring this evidence, though, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Ismail Omar, called the disclosure of this evidence as an attempt to “sabotage” police investigations and to “confuse” the public, while he inexplicably refused to comment on this medical report. Unless he considered the report a fake, how on earth could he condemn it as an act of sabotage? The refusal by Ismail and other government leaders and officials to comment on the substance of this report, while steadfastly calling for punishment against the informer who leaked this report, is exemplary of the long established government policy of nailing the whistle-blower to protect the culprit.

Isn’t the government’s deafening silence on this report an emphatic admission that it is genuine and relevant? Isn’t Hospital Pusrawi’s feeble attempt at deception a manifestation that the authority concerned lacked the courage to discredit this report by itself?

It is pertinent to ask: Is the present police exercise an attempt to find out the truth about the sodomy allegation or is it an all-out effort to fix Anwar Ibrahim? The latter seems to be the case, judging from Deputy IGP Ismail’s response to Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s admonition to police to wrap up its work “as soon as possible” following the explosive revelation of the Saiful medical report. Ismail said the police had been “relentlessly seeking relevant and the latest information ….. constantly looking for new leads.” That sounds like someone who has been hunting down a serial murderer rather than investigating an alleged sodomy rapist who does not appear to have committed the offence – as per Dr. Osman’s report and Anwar’s alibi.

This Hospital Pusrawi debacle is only the latest in series of tactics that betray ill-intent to persecute Anwar, such as:

* Denying Anwar a copy of Saiful’s police report without reason.

* Ambushing and arresting Anwar in a high-handed manner that befits a top international terrorist, forcing him to sleep overnight on a cold cement floor, resulting in a flare-up of his spinal injury, which was inflicted during a similar sodomy charge 10 years ago.

* Police and top leaders harassing Anwar to submit for DNA sampling when it is neither needed nor called for. Anwar refused the requests on the ground that it may be used for fabricating false evidence just like it was done in a similar trial 10 years ago.

* Constantly casting aspersions as a sodomite against Anwar in government controlled press and TV channels.

It is the unanimous opinion at home and abroad that the current sodomy allegation is a political conspiracy to prevent Anwar from leading Pakatan Rakyat in an imminent take-over of power from a crumbling Barisan Nasional. Many consider this a replay of the event ten years ago when Anwar was similarly accused and persecuted. However, unlike the 1988 event when the prime mover was the Prime Minister (Mahathir Mohamad), Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi does not seem to be playing a similar role.

In fact, both the PM and Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar whose portfolio includes the police force do not appear to be on top of the police force which seems to be the mover and shaker of events that are fast changing our political landscape. Like the plot to fix Anwar, his Hollywood-style arrest, the recent gridlock of traffic in Kuala Lumpur and sealing off of Parliament House, etc. - these high-handed measures have incurred the wrath of the people, and all Abdullah and Hamid could do was to act as apologists for the police. Another example was the issue of Anwar’s DNA. Both seemed to have been duped into making a fool of themselves by publicly demanding Anwar to submit to DNA sampling when the government is already in possession of Anwar’s DNA. Did Abdullah and Hamid know about the ulterior motive of collecting Anwar’s fresh blood sample now? I bet not.

The police force is ruled with an iron fist by Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan. He and Attorney-General Gani Patail had played leading roles in the infamous trials of Anwar Ibrahim ten years ago and are now under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Agency for alleged fabrication of evidence against Anwar then. Though Abdullah said a few days ago that both Musa and Gani would not be involved with the current Anwar sodomy investigation, how convincing are such assurances when both remain bosses in their respective bodies?

We have no doubt of Abdullah’s sincerity when he asked for another two years for him to carry our reforms that he had failed to do previously. And we think the current crisis created by the sodomy allegation is a golden opportunity for him to stamp his mark as a reformer by righteously exercising the immense power vested in his hand as Prime Minister and order that rule of law be strictly observed in the resolution of this crisis.

Considering our vastly changed political landscape and the precarious economic and political situation we are in now, any repetition of the unjust treatment meted out to Anwar in 1998 will surely bring unimaginable consequences to the nation.

Friday, August 1, 2008


There you go....another corruption case, big time! Malaysia police logistics received sub-standard equipment from suppliers. What does that imply to clever Malaysians? Be the judges again.

It seems that after 50 years of Merdeka (Independence) now only there is such case. I'm not wrong to say it is already a virus creeping in the blood of those involved. Corruption has long taken its roots in the whole country, in every department.

We don't have to go far, just flip back the very recent cases uncovered from immigration, councilors' car maintenance and now inferior supplies of police equipment. These are big time corruption cases. I would like to believe there are many more as I speak here. Malaysians all know very well, only the powers-that-be are sweeping under the carpet or not doing anything at all. There are all in the same boat, that's why!

Now you should know why the ones in power will do anything to stop this ONE person from going to Putrajaya to form a PR government. As though losing another 4 states is not enough, losing Putrajaya would be 'a kick to their balls' and bury them 7 feet under, for good! More dirty linens would be washed for the clever Malaysians. That's why Saudara Anwar calls it 'a sinking ship'. I call it one better, "a Titanic ship, big one" already nose-dived.

How these desperadoes scrambled to talk to their most feared enemy in the name of Malay unity. Really a joke to me. And they did it immediately after losing in the election!!! They really don't have morals. How they used to hurl abuses at PAS and now they embrace the "brothers" in PAS. When Tok Guru said, "to merge we need to dissolve both parties and form a new one", do you think Umno will buy into this proposal? Do you think Umno will let PAS head the new party? Umno is so used to fighting for power, ha ha ha, they already started fighting for the November party election!!! Know what I mean?

They are a bunch of "Malaysia-wood" actors la. If Hollywood standards are Oscar winners, whereas in the form of Malaysia-wood, you can see thru' that "they are only acting" - sendiwara. Now they are trying to show us that the garmen is doing everything right to catch the corrupted ones. It's too late, don't try to fool us. A lot of hoo-hahs as always but no follow-up in the end.

Even faking orgasm at times look like real (get me) but they can't even do it properly all the time!!! They are just great pretenders from every angle you look at it.