Friday, October 31, 2008

A True Blue Leader

I have said it before in my blog and I would have no second thought now that my negative perception of our next leaders in line have never changed. Full stop.

These people from Umno will never going to be Malaysian leader. Yeah, alright they can, "by automatic" (if you understand how Malaysia PM is chosen) be leader of Malaysia. But not Malaysian leader by and large. The neutral Malaysians will agree that they are "fighting" for self-glory and to stay relevant. And by doing so, they will always play up populist or rather racial statements or remarks in disguise. They know, they are not going to win any support from other races and devil may care so long as they remain strong within the inner circle of Umno. As a whole, Malaysia political scene is one hell of a circus - not relevant to present times anymore.

A true blue Malaysian leader, is there one with credentials? I think there is! But it is very unfortunate that he is not a commoner and he has to remain apolitical in politics. Need not elaborate....a true blue Malaysian leader is none other than Raja Nazrin Shah. If any politician who aspires to lead Malaysia, and stay relevant to all Malaysians, NOT only to a particular race, HE should emulate Raja Nazrin Shah, lead by example, make speeches like him, etc.

Pick from Malaysian Insider this,

Raja Nazrin: Governments must not discriminate

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 - The Raja Muda of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah said today that governments should not set down discriminatory laws or policies but must ensure inclusive development through empowerment.

"No segment of society must be disrespected, discredited and disenfranchised," he said in his address at the 21st LawAsia Conference here.
He said that no single group in any country should feel their contributions are unrecognized or unwanted.

While the Perak Raja Muda did not specify what laws or which countries he was referring to, his remarks comes amid a roiling debate over the country's "social contract" and the government's pro-Bumiputera affirmative action policies.

His advice also comes on the heels of the recent statement by the Rulers Council calling on all parties to stop questioning the social contract between Malays and non-Malays as it would cause unease.

In his speech today, Raja Nazrin called for the abandonment of what he called "the silo mentality where we only look up at what is happening and not beside us at what others are experiencing."
He made a case instead for policies which empower through inclusiveness.

"Only with inclusive development through empowerment can societies become strong," he said.
The lack of empowerment, he said, would lead to a sense of alienation and hostility that could result in "rash acts of violence."
"We cannot morally turn our backs on the fundamental responsibility of ensuring that all stakeholders in our society, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, have a place under the sun."

Among the prerequisites cited by Raja Nazrin for empowerment was for governments to strengthen the rule of law and to ensure greater political participation for citizens as stakeholders.

"It is only when citizens are also stakeholders will there be the widest sense of ownership of problems and challenges," he said.

What more can I say, the politicians who make a mockery of Malaysia politics should be ashamed. The "aspirants" fighting to be what-they-are-not, should be ashamed too. Anyone who cannot come "clean" and still wanting to to be up there, should be most ashamed. Heed the majority, the majority does not come within one political party, the majority is us, the rakyat (citizens of Malaysia).

Somehow, US Presidential Election is very interesting though! A non-white leading a country of 250plus millions??? Even his name doesn't sound "white". History is surely being made!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scrap Metal

It has happened. It has been reported. It has even been published. What is the action taken? Hey, the manace is "mushrooming".

Thanks and no thanks to the "easily available avenues" to sell the stolen scrap metals. If one just take a casual drive around Prai Industrial area, there are many missing manhole covers right in the middle of the roads, switchboards for street lightings without front and back panels/doors, railings for monsoon drains partially gone and anything that is metal or copper will not be spared. Why are these people so daring?

It has been published recently about how Sbg. Jaya area was stripped off the manhole covers in almost every available piece. Thus endangering the lives of the people moving around there. What is the action taken? The question remains unanswered as far as I know.

Let me tell you....firstly they have not been caught, none that I know or read from the media. Secondly, it is so easy to sell the stolen scraps! There are many of such scrap shops around. Thirdly, if one can buy the stolen scraps at a bargain price, why not.

The way I look at it, the fault lies in the hand of the authorities. These people are very bad in controlling and fast in issuing licenses. Poor management. Knowing very well of how the tidak apa attitude works within the authorities, the unscrupulous Malaysians are fast and good at exploiting the loopholes - always!

There is no concerted effort at all to control this business i.e. the issuing of licenses to the scrap dealers/shops, checking the source that these dealers buy, the scraps that they keep in their backyards, the stern penalty of breaking the law i.e. buying stolen items, etc. I would not like to think a stolen manhole cover is considered petty crime!

I would say, from my point of view, they the authorities have no clue in nabbing the "big time thieves" that got away so easily. Because they are considered petty - no way! Now, if it is not easy to track the thieves, can't they carry out spot-check on the scrap dealers? I'm of the opinion that these stolen scraps are sold immediately to the dealers to make fast money. My other question is - who is supposed to act on this issue, seriously? In the meantime, while the responsibility is still being questioned, more public properties will go missing or are being stolen day in day out.

The consequences, more lives are endangered each day and public funds being wasted in replacing the stolen ones. Malaysia boleh!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home Cooked Food

Recently I have setup a new blog called to showcase some of the simple cooking that one can whip up at home. I'm blessed that I get to enjoy such "privilege" at home. I'm not the cook - my other half is.

However, more often than not, as it happens to most of my colleagues or friends, they have to eat out because nobody cooks at home. Most of the working women don't cook nowadays. Either they are not good at it or too tired after a hard day at work. I think I'm quite right with the former. Of course if you are still staying with your mom or mother-in-law, it's a relief! Otherwise you just have to eat out.

I can tell you, eating out is no fun. Unless you are wealthy enough to go to fancy restaurants always. What is no fun to me is something which I have no control over it. It is all about eating healthy food. I'm not complaining about the taste yet. Imagine the lowest grade of cooking oil used, amount of mono sodium glutamate used (at times I felt very dry in my throat after eating out), unhygienic food preparing method, etc. As the saying goes, what you don't see will go down well with your stomach.

I have had compliments all over from my friends that I'm lucky to have home-cooked food as and when I desire. Yeah, I have no complaint but praises for my other half. All the daily food that I eat outside during the day at work I can find them better, miles better at home!!! And of course we have control of what's going into a dish i.e. healthy food.

Cooking is not something extraordinary that many people tend to find it difficult. Same as you what do in life - one has to be passionate and a little bit on the creative side to do it right. Cooking is something you create out of nothing. You can always refer to a cook book though. The right combination of ingredients is very important. It is even simpler to cook a home-cooked meal. Just balance the taste of a dish and you are done.

Well, it is easier said than done, one may argue. Guess I'm just going to accept the fact that....YES I'M A LUCKY MAN. My spouse can cook!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The just concluded MCA election has given new hopes to the Chinese community. What? Am I wrong to say that?

The new team is seen as being outspoken and never hesitate to cross the line. How's that? Yeah, the new MCA No.1 & 2 do have the history of being "nasty". If they were going to bring the brash attitude into BN i.e. being outspoken, I think they would meet their match in the likes of Umno ultras.

I was quite surprised that there was not much of hoo-hah following the very brash speech by the former MCA President. The next morning I did not see any headlines in the Star (maybe in Utusan) with the usual backlash by Umno ultras. But there was one Shah-rir though denying Umno was a bully in BN. Maybe he didn't get the true meaning from the speech.

Bully? Well, let me put it more street-like manner about its meaning. When one acts like a taiko (big brother), he doesn't need to give advance notice or consult the other fellows in the group when making decisions. He sees himself as already superior than the others, so why should he seek a second opinion then. However, if he is not officially 'elected' as a taiko but still exerting his superiority over the others, that is TANTAMOUNT TO BULLYING! Simple as that.

That one reaction from Shah-rir is a clear sign or just the tip of the iceberg. You bet, out there are many more ultras waiting to retaliate. Perhaps, they are jostling for positions in their up and coming election and not wanting to jeopardize their own chances.

As I see it, MCA will be in for a hard time going head to head with the self-elected taiko in BN. We have seen it before, most of the time, they go for 'shoot before look' the moment you are deemed crossing the "demarcation line".

Where does MCA go from here? We shall see!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jokers - Made In Malaysia

Like I said in my previous posting recently; I wouldn't give a damn of who is leading Malaysia comes next March. There is no change unless they are changed!

True to what I have said, where is the quality especially those bunch who are jostling for top positions and aiming high to be ministers? There is no pride at all, just taking it for granted. Anyone not knowing what our Hamid had replied in written form to parliament yesterday? Eat this....

A question was asked about the closing down of a police beat base in Chow Kit area. Our Hamid's answer was the reason being Chow Kit area was so notorious and posed a safety threat to the policemen, obviously for manning the beat base there, so it got to be closed down!!! He even went further by saying the area was also so very dirty (with contagious diseases) that would be a health hazard to the policemen stationed there!!! So, off they packed up and fled....!

Police running scared? Transmissible diseases by direct or indirect contact? What??? What struck me in the head was (I believe for everyone of you too) if the police were running scared of the notorious criminals, the public would have been buried six-feet under by now! Who is supposed to safeguard the safety of the public? Isn't it only right for the police to be where the criminals are???

A Home Minister giving such statement in Parliament is certainly making a mockery of being elected by us. Malaysia will be back-paddling further with ministers keep on giving illogical statements in public and parliament. It is a laughing matter to most but our senses tell us that how on earth can we have such minister(s) whereby the majority of us can do better. Imagine such lawmakers making decisions in Parliament for us but they are not much better than us!

Welcome to Made In Malaysia Jokers Club. Admission, free via a single ruling party.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Today a couple Hindraf supporters are called up to give police statements. Reason, for showing up at cabinet Raya open house with "special ISA message" to the PM. How's that?

Well, as widely reported and circulated on the net especially, just days after fresh allegations surfaced on a jailed blogger's website Malaysia Today over alleged interference in a murder investigations, more claims have surfaced on the same website over allegedly shady defence deals supposedly aimed at our designated PM. Now, how's that???

But, I say BUT....there is complete silence on the "floor" as of now for the very grave allegations. By comparison, the people called to give police statements are by no means committed even more serious offence to warrant such action by the police. Phew...that is really boleh-la!

So, what's next for the country beloved citizens? Brush off the allegations like our bravado current PM? On what assurance that his belief is right and all the allegations are wrong? The people want to know. His yesterday's media statement was akin to saying "they are the untouchables" unless you are outside. So, what HE says is all that matters.

I thought all along 'no one is above the law' in Malaysia!!! This very statement always come out from the horsemouth of our powers that be, whenever they want to "put a banana skin under someone's foot". Know what I mean?

Oh, when the world economy is nearing melt down, Malaysia still comes out unscathed. Are you sure? Yeah, I heard the news on NTV7 yesterday. Again, our PM's statement about it was so assuring. Are you forgetting....what HE says is all matters. So, Malaysia is not affected.

Singapore is already scrambling, US comes out with billions, EU stand-by trillions ready to salvage their economies but....hey, Malaysia no need to do anything! Malaysia is busy on something else of utmost importance as we all know i.e. Who's in, Who's out Competition.

Seriously, Malaysia is shielded by 'denial syndrome' still. Bloody Hell!

Happy Birthday from

Monday, October 13, 2008


I dedicate this lovely birthday cake to anyone who is celebrating his or her 40th birthday in the month of October. MAY YOU BE BLESSED.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crash Boom Bang

For a man at 40 has certainly grown older and wiser. Can't imagine how a nation has not grown wiser at 50, perhaps, for a nation it is still young.
Somehow as you mature at this 40 age bracket which is the ripe age for a man to have everything in place, at least i.e. stable career and happy family. It can be perceived as a complete cycle. One should look forward to further enhancing his quality life i.e. improving.

Occasionally I have come across people planning a "retirement" age at 40. Certainly not about stopping everything and do nothing. But rather finding the quality time to lead a quality life. Now, that is call living a life to the fullest. Simply put it, it depends on how one does thing or pursue dream of enormous scale that makes the possible impossible and vice versa.

The destiny is always in one's own hand. I'm pretty sure now is time to build on our next generation. Success or failure is depending on how we nurture our next gen. It is not all about us till the end of time. It just can't be right that we enjoy the fruit of labor to the fullest and leave our next gen to fend for their own.

Life is short. But a nation's life can go on for centuries. This again will turn our attention to the current affair in our boleh-land. I can't help it but wanting to take a swipe at the transition of power that is going on and on and on. Because we don't want to see this beloved land goes from "hero to zero" for our next gen.

Put aside our designated new PM, don't really want to talk about him. The talking point here is the DPM, whom could be the subsequent PM in the future if the hierarchy of PM's appointment practised in Malaysia is to be followed through and decided by selected few.

If you read the statements by the aspired so-called DPM candidates, you will certainly spit blood. One of them even has the nose to say he is qualified because he has never stepped on the toes of all PMs!!! This very candidate is himself tainted with alleged wrongdoing. Now, how's that? Hey, we are looking at someone assisting in running a nation-la. Being a 'yes man' is akin to shoe polishing only! I'm flabbergasted.

No wonder they are labelled a bunch of jokers by Dr. M. Boleh-land will be Boliao-land (finished). To be honest, this time it is really of no interest to me, not bother to know who will be and be not - they are just not up to the mark!


The Flip, The Flop

So, after all the flipping, we finally see him flopping for good. But it's not all about the man alone!

As the saying goes, he is still regarded as someone who gives the most "voicing space" to Malaysians, until recently I guess. What goes around comes around! Is his successor the right choice? Well, you can surely say 'NO' because taking the cue from Dr. M's latest statement, our next PM is also seen as indecisive and competency in question. Read this, excerpts from Malaysian Insider.....

....Asked to comment on Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as the possible prime minister, Dr Mahathir said he was not impressed with Najib's performance as deputy prime minister now.

Dr Mahathir described Najib as an incompetent deputy prime minister because the latter did not have his own stand and was always following Abdullah's advice, hence Najib needed to change when taking over the helm later.

On the possible candidate for Najib's deputy, Dr Mahathir said it should be Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, adding that the other current contenders for the post of Umno deputy president were only "jokers". - Bernama

Does that mean the new PM's approval rating has taken a beating before it gets started? Did he just imply that our next DPM could be a joker??? Now, that's interesting. So, who is the best bet, the most qualified to become Malaysia next PM and DPM then?

Ya, ya, the majority of Malaysians yearn for that someone else from the other side to take office, not from the same old "production line" that give us the clever citizens without a choice. PM's role is not for passing over the baton just like that.

What does that lead us to? Tolerate another 5 years of flip-flop rule? The answer might be bloody 'Yes'. You gather a bunch of party members from one-race party to choose a PM for 25 million Malaysians of all races?

Shut up! This has been the practice all along, one may argue. But isn't time has changed, the political climate has changed too! Because we have seen bad decisions been made and those bad decisions have also made Malaysians suffer. Malaysia choke at progress where it matters most.

The conclusion here is 'we have lost the game even before it started'. Where do we place our hopes from now? If Mr. Clean can't do the job, surely Mr. Not-So-Clean....errrr....well, I dare not hope!

Bye-bye....till we decide again in 2013.