Thursday, July 31, 2008

Malaysia VS Myanmar

The subject this time sounds like a football match is about to happen in our shore, huh, nope it is NOT. If you can imagine how is the political situation in a country called Myanmar, then you can imagine what Malaysia is like, perhaps NOW.

For so many years, the regime there is playing hardball with the world. I really don't know when the opposition lady is going to be freed from the grasp of the junta (the so evil regime....perhaps can be nicknamed The Joker like in the Batman movies).

There you have it and seeing it happening, not faraway but right before your very eyes! I would say....going to happen if not now. Slowly but surely, Malaysia is going to be treated like Myanmar by the world community and might involved United Nations - the world body.

Remember how Malaysia championed the cause of Asean in trying to free Suu Kyi (the opposition leader in Myanmar in case you wonder) from house arrest not long ago. How a Malaysian named Razali working with United Nations went over and talked to the junta (the people in power there) to free her. How the world community shunned Myanmar because of the political situation there.

I'm not going to touch about Myanmar's political situation but rather wanted to tell the world that Malaysia is in danger of free-falling into such political situation herself. The one in power will do ANYTHING to be in power and refuse to listen to its citizens and the world. Justice is only a word to them, not a necessity in the country. Imagine Myanmar!

I'm so very disgusted with the continued statements by Alba (if Jessica Alba OK la) as though he speaks with his @$$!%^* that they are doing everything according to the law. Hey, touch the holy book and speak la if you are telling the truth! What law is there in Malaysia now? Catch a few small fishes you shout out to the world that the government is there to wipe out corruption. Everytime there is a case, the zzzzzz PM will say, "I leave it to the ACA to investigate". The HM will say, "everything is according to the law". Can't you jerks have anything else to say???

If everything is according to the law, why the police is not investigating every piece of evidence there is to investigate? E.g. the medical report from the first hospital, the first SD, the Shameful (this name is more apt for this guy, 8 times being screwed wor!). Instead, they always have contradictory statements to counter the "truth".

In fact the powers-that-be seem to close one eye to all the facts and dig further down the bury who in the end? Actually they are digging their own graves!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The word 'corruption' immediately sends shivers down my spine.

I think by now Mercedes has been the buzz word in one eastern state of Malaysia. Because it replaces our national car as the official car for councilors! Ho ho ho, of course given a choice to the least fancied person, he/she would have opted for the Merc too, who doesn't?

But what so incredibly different scenario altogether over this issue is because the current MB, be it on purpose or unintentional, exposed the corruption element in the maintenance of a fleet of Proton Perdana V6, the cars used by the former MB and his men. Wow, read carefully....over RM1,000,000 spent just for servicing some 16 vehicles in about 5 years, 2004-2008!!!

And the culprits are ....clever Malaysians please be the judges; the appointed or rather unauthorized service centers or the people with vested power at that time??? Or both? It is like 'you scratch my back, I scratch your back'....huh how true it is.

This is so-called "bringing up the standard of living for the Malays" champion by Umno all these unjustified years! Just by getting the government contracts will make them rich (yeah...very rich) and can be on par with other races in Malaysia. My foot!

See for yourself, who is getting what and who are better off ....only the cronies! The average people in the street, whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Punjabi and others, will still work like a "dog" to get what they want in life. That too is only an average life nowadays.

Talk is cheap but don't talk garbage through the @55hole! This is how the morons in power talk.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I always remember one golden rule as an employee i.e. do not "carry two suitcases/bags", equivalent to moonlighting if you are already holding a full time job. Most employers dislike this type of employee especially sales people. I used to remind my subordinates (sales) time and again. My past and present bosses make it a golden rule known to me too.

OK, many can argue that it depends, if the situation is so bad or concerns the daily rice bowl of your family as well, most employers will "close one eye" so long as these bunch of employees do their full time jobs properly or rather perform up to expectations. But I still think under certain circumstances, moonlighting is fine e.g. doing something totally non-related to your job and at your own private time because you really need extra income to support your family, old folks (certainly not extraordinary lifestyle, eh!). The next day make sure you come back fresh and re-charged.

But with BN government, it is a bit extraordinary, that is non-sensible. How can you openly encourage your staff, we are talking about government servants, to get a part-time job??? It is like "having a license to kill". How sure you are that they can come back the very next morning to work efficiently? Or maybe not able to come back at all. Let me sum up my very skeptical perception about government servants after all these years having dealt with them. Like many, I hated it anyway!

Firstly, they are not efficient, no matter how you look at it, especially over-the-counters staff. Aren't most of these bunch have income-related problems? That's why year in year out our BN bosses have to do the most noble thing, however stupid you look at it - increase wages, COLA, bonuses, etc. Their working attitudes are last to none in my rating book.

Let me share some of Malaysians experience. Instead of serving you, they make you look like a servant to them. They happily wear a smiley badge but they show you a million dollar face - i.e. "I'M THE BOSS". Instead of asking you what you need, you have to tell them softly, politely what you want, otherwise you would be deemed 'disturbing their honeymoon time' i.e. chatting. Instead of showing you how or what to do, they ask you to go back (re-do) and come tomorrow. They always have reasons to "tell you off" or delay you for the slightest mistake. Now, that leads to what??? Clever Malaysians will know.

Secondly, having given you so much headache, they always 'play hide and seek' with the slightest opportunity. The counters are mostly empty, you and I know where to find them. That's why you see five-foot-way stalls are always full to the brim. Can they still carry out their daytime job with a part-time (not a job anymore, mind you!) business at night? To BN bosses, it doesn't matter because "our objective is to let them have enough income to spend" because fuel already increased. Also, it looks pretty, like BN is doing another good deed to show the people. See! Perhaps, after making enough money for a living, they don't have to fight for "extra increment every year" anymore. We shall see, come next year!

Thirdly and sadly, the BN bosses are wasting public funds again as though the money to "give away" in the name of lending, up to 50K, to start the businesses without collateral or qualifying is NOT TAXPAYERS' MONEY. Do you need 50K for starting a roadside stall selling banana cake? Certainly not unless you buy a new proton saga to carry your stuff!!! I think they know better than me on how to spend the money.

So, what's next? What if the part-time business doesn't work out? Then, you have money/loan non-payable. So? More bankruptcies? No, some BN bosses already asked for increase from 20K to 30K i.e. money owed, soften the bankruptcy rules from Bank Negara. Can increase to 50K or not??? Sure can do, if cannot, complain to BN or run to DPM first la.

In the end, more shits are created, no thanks to our government's inefficiency - always make mega announcement or do first, think later!!! Worse still, COVER UP!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The X-Files

I just can't help it but the first thing I do on the internet nowadays is to surf for political news that won't be able to see the "daylight" in our controlled media. There are two reasons for doing so....

Firstly, to check out what the intelligent people say about the current state of affairs in Malaysia. When I say the 'intelligent people' I mean those Malaysians that are able to see through the stupid tactics used by the stupid people in power! Get it? Then, at the same time I also want to update myself on the latest news or being of Saudara Anwar. Don't get me wrong actually, I'm not yet the staunch supporter but somehow drawn to his unfortunate plight and what he stands for currently. No one in Malaysia has ever stood up against Umno like he does now. I have long pissed off by the upper-handed tactics to suppress the people and cover up their own asses.

Of course, there is another brave man in RPK whom has the mighty guts to fight tooth and nail with the evil morons, just as one simple man like us. So, one is in direct politics, charting the new course for the future of the rakyat and one is apolitical, just digging and exposing the evil deeds done by the powers-that-be. It is understandable that RPK is very critical of this Umno, but hey, who doesn't except those licking the boots of these "masters of manipulation".

Secondly, to find out, only through the internet, the latest comments, statements, upper-hand tactics, etc. that make the front-page news in our controlled media after only being edited. I know many a time what you see in the internet are no-show in the newspapers and worse still facts get twisted before your very eyes. You know some papers are pro-garmen (a bit Singlish here).

Now, why many times I find myself supporting the "comments" by netizens e.g. the recent Anwar's arrest incident, DNA, SD, Altantuya's murder (poor girl), latest sodomy case, etc.? And I get very worked up, pissed off when reading 'political statements' relating to these national issues by our BN ministers and MPs. Because it is a known fact that each time they open their bloody mouths, you know the 'truth won't come out'. They are either biased to please their political masters or carry no balls when they speak! In Chinese, we say "take care of own rice bowl". So why risk your own future! BUT DO YOU KNOW THAT WHEN THESE 'NO BALLS' POLITICIANS STICK TO THESE MASTERS, MALAYSIANS EN MASSE GOT NO FUTURE!!!

I always believe whenever a police report is made against someone, the police have a duty to carry out investigation, either so slow like a turtle crawling or so fast with commandos in tow! This is the law in Malaysia, right? I mean 'carrying out police investigation'. But hey, I still don't get it till today, someone please help me! HOW COME NO POLICE STATEMENT IS TAKEN FROM HIM WHEN 'SD' HAS EVEN BEEN MADE TWICE??? Correct me if I'm wrong. It's relating to a C4 murder case, you know.

And the person 'claimed' being sodomized is "protected" so much as though he will be screwed again, without being investigated after claiming being sodomized not once but eight times!!! Oh my goodness me, God please help my little brain to function....! He should be charged for allowing himself to be screwed so many times "willingly" and only made a "report" to DPM first before the police. The question is if sodomy is a heavy offense in Malaysia law, then he has committed a crime too for not making a police report first thing in the morning/earlier - after the eighth time???

Like someone says in the net, he should be investigated first for "conspiring" to do it - amid faking it. Didn't he enjoy being screwed if that was the case - not once you know? What a pathetic young man! In Chinese, we call this sort of person "wasted years in studies" or no brainer, more apt. What is the carrot being offered, huh?

Conclusion, the script here needs some fine tuning from Hollywood. Like in a movie, the morons need to learn how to write a blockbuster script. From day 1, we all know the script is written to flop, worse still a re-use of second-hand script that didn't work so well the first time - it was being bulldozed through by the now retired person.

Intelligent Malaysians, we all know the truth is out there - the X-Files!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Fork Art

As the title suggests, the creator of this art form is one hell of a creative person. Only forks are used to create these marvelous pieces. To the creator, whoever you are, wherever you might be, I salute you!

But in Malaysia, it is the opposite. The ruling politicians and police force create a butt of laughing matters for people to gawk at, locally and internationally. We are all ashamed of them, surely. you know?

Now Malaysia has made even the illiterate people laugh till "whatever are hanging there dropped" with another stupid comment - this time about DNA. Guess from whom....our none other PM !!! Let's make it the funniest statement and send it to a show in USA.

I thought DNA could last many dinosaur years, UNLESS IT WAS TAINTED!!! Yeah, DNA can change if only somebody do something to it - nasty. I'm not going to emphasize further here. You know, they can catch you for nothing with 15 commandos in tow! Just check out the facts in the internet about DNA which will make a 'sweeping statement' by our PM sounds so makes me puke! Just because they want to convict someone??? I leave it to your intelligent head.

My view is that he is always ill-advised by the elected Rembau person. Just the other day before Anwar's arrest I saw him in parliament debating with YB Azizah on TV and he made me puke as well. Just his antics alone sent me to the toilet bowl - puking. So happened this Rembau person was challenging Anwar to give fresh DNA voluntary. Huh, what a coincidence!!! Sounds fishy???

And also another statement by the one WIFI with tarantula! that the police must give full respect and decorum to Anwar in the newspaper AFTER ONLY ANWAR WAS RELEASED ON POLICE BAIL. What da f**k....if he wanted to say this might as well told the police to release him immediately that day and told them off that using so much public fund was not clever management, just to take someone to police station for questioning!!!

STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Yet another disturbing creation from the mind of one sick person(s) who can't tell the difference and gets stupified.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I missed the 'live' debate on TV yesterday, however caught it on Anwar's blog just this evening. Just have one sentence to sum up the whole debate....when you pit a greenhorn against an old bird, you would have guessed the winner at the end! Then again, when you simply dug up stories against facts, you lost too. These morons always miscalculate! And all average Joe's in Malaysia suffer.

After hearing the news about Anwar's arrest when I reached home from work, I thought it was not much of a surprise because only this morning my old-time friend was telling me, "perhaps they might arrest him". I said, "no way, they wouldn't dare to repeat 1998". Well, I lost!

So, immediately I wanted to "paint" my blog black to indicate a black day in Malaysia history yet again....but no. I still believe in God, regardless of religions, will guide him through this difficult period. Justice....hmmm, quite remote though.

I just got one thing to say before I wrap up....Pray to God!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blocking Road To Parliament Is Undemocratic

When the Speaker forbids debate on questions of public interest he fails to uphold democracy and mocks the office he holds and betrays the people's trust.

By STEVE OH/ MySinchew

Will the government realize that the stifling of legitimate peaceful acts erodes its credence?

Blocking the road to parliament and barring certain people from its vicinity is unconstitutional and is an act against the people. Parliament exists for the people and is their bastion of democracy and freedom, their sanctuary of political hope. It is not the castle of any political party or politician. An English king lost his head to prove parliament's, and thus, the people's supremacy.

When the Speaker forbids debate on questions of public interest he fails to uphold democracy and mocks the office he holds and betrays the people's trust. He is no longer the Speaker of the House - a post to ensure freedom of debate without fear or favour but a partisan politician with a jaundiced eye on proceedings so that the political party he belongs to gets the upper hand. This is a mockery of parliament.

Without public debate and dissent on crucial public issues there is no need for parliament. Why should anyone elected to office on democracy be afraid of dissent, an integral part of democracy? They should join the military where democracy is not known.

Australian Prime Minister Kevn Rudd should have stayed longer to see for himself the "vibrant democracy" that is "flourishing" in Malaysia. I wonder if he will change his tune when caught in the traffic snarls but then his entourage would be the cause of the traffic jams. His recent statements on Malaysia's democracy are as accurate as a visitor saying there is no poverty in Australia and all Australians are flourishing.

PM Abdullah Mohammed Badawi reiterated his war on corruption. More than any other Malaysian premier he provides some semblance of taking action against corruption. But with his poor track record and propensity to do the opposite of what he utters, don't expect the corrupt to feel nervous.

The present political storm appears a struggle between truth and falsehood.

What is eminently clear to the public is that someone is obviously lying. Who? I think the people know the answer. But is sodomy the national and cardinal sin? Is lying, slander, cheating, thieving, and other moral sins evident in government and political circles less damning?

What about the glaring injustice of the case against Irene Fernandez and those who are whistleblowers?

The Barisan government will always be on the backfoot until it is deadly serious about ridding the country of all the corruption related problems and getting the best people to help it. It cannot be a political approach but a national and bi-partisan campaign involving everyone. Action and results not words are proof of sincerity and efficacy.

But to its credit the ACA crackdown on corruption offers some glimmer of hope. Let's hope the vulnerable immigration system itself is remedied so that its not just another case of changing the guards and corruption occurs as if the crackdown didn't occur. Such is the proof of experience. Corruption is like a strangling fig crippling the country. It is a gargantuan problem, perhaps too big for a two-year leader under attack from many sides with an unproven track record to resolve.

PM Abdullah is altruistic in wanting to fight corruption and restore the integrity of the judiciary. How?

Many Malaysians may be battling a lack of cold cash because of the rising fuel prices and spiralling costs of living but they don't lack intelligence.

The day the politicians honour all that is on paper in the country, the Constitution, the rule of law, integrity, and what is needed for sound and efficient government as in Singapore, with a virtually corrupt-free bureaucracy, then we will know the Barisan government is deadly serious about corruption and tackling its pervasive and perverting influence in the country.

Attacking corruption is a mantra every premier has chanted but with no visible results. Whatever happened to "clean, efficient and trustworthy" government? Like propaganda some people may swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker when repeated often enough but to the enlightened it is political trickery.

If the authorities can't even honour the people's right of dissent what hope is there that corruption and the judiciary which depend on a strong sense of fair play and involve high stakes will ever be eradicated or restored? Hope deferred makes the heart sick and those who can't deliver should never make false promises. Then they won't be seen to be serial liars.

Malaysians are desperate for a season of decent governance and old fashioned honesty. The fledgling Pakatan government in Penang may yet provide the clues so there is real hope, but it is still early days. It is better than hoping against hope with the devil they know elsewhere, I guess, and Malaysians can be forgiven for their incredulity in governance of promises. They are qualified to speak from experience.



Monday, July 14, 2008

Send Me An Angel

We always hear people compare of what they don't have but why not be contented with what they have. Just appreciate what God has given you now.

Honey, they shrunk the....products!

I know there are many grouses in the past since the essential goods risen in Malaysia. To add salt to wounds, the fuel hike was the mother of all increases that makes everybody angry except (there is exception to anything in Malaysia!) the ONE party, its cronies and hardcore supporters. Or should I say the corrupted ones???

Well, it is not the topic here. What I'm trying to say this time is about the contents of some goods that used to be 'that much' are now 'this much'. For instance, instant noodles which are much smaller in potion....I need one and a half packs to fill my stomach now. In other word, it is only three quarter a pack nowadays. 'Mamee instant snack noodle' is a classic example. It is so so small now that you could hardly believe your eyes. It just makes you want to "curse" a little every time you take a bite at it.

I got another classic example of 'selling price remains but the contents have shrunk or reduced' due to increase in manufacturing cost. I'm talking about Sunkist Orange Juice Drink with Juicy Sacs. Well, two weeks ago I went to a friend's house and was served a cup of the juice. I instantly felt good with it. It was an instant hit, so juicy especially with plentiful of juicy orange sacs. So, came last week I bought it at a supermarket since my kid was pestering me to get one.

But hey, it never crossed my mind that the sacs in the pack that I bought was so much little than the cup that I had at my friend's house. Imagine, a cup filled with juicy orange sacs to the brim and the one I had at home was ONLY scattered or partially filled!!! And the juice tasted so much like orange squash. Know what I mean?

I beg someone to answer this question, "Is there a double standard in the packing or I have bought the new stock and thus the contents have changed due to the rising cost?" Even the Gardenia bread is not spared. If only you noticed, it has become so much lighter. But they have managed to make it fluffy still, as disguise maybe. A double slice is just not enough for your morning breakfast.

So, the next time you come across your daily essentials, please take a careful look and compare 'now and then'. Oh, and the price as well. Then, make a shout-out like this, "HONEY, THEY SHRUNK THE PRODUCTS".

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boobs Watch 2

Well, I spotted this advertising banner in BM one fine day. Like I say, I will share many more such glaring mistakes in my blog, just for laugh. Ha, ha, ha.

This one is supposed to tell its customers of the day it is closed for business - rest day. Instead of "Hari Selasa" (means Tuesday)....just take a look at what is printed on the banner. I don't think it is even in the Bahasa Malaysia dictionary! And "Berbuka Peniagaan" (means Business Opens)....hmmm, it leaves much to be desired. Spot the mistake there?

Hence, it qualifies for 'Boobs Watch 2'.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Immigrant Vs Citizen

This is an interesting topic but an angry one to talk about in Malaysia. I'm not racist but living in a country that smells like it!

Let me ask, what do you know about the word 'immigrant' and 'citizen'? Can you describe the meanings? Don't fret, I will tell you.

1. Immigrant - A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another.

2. Citizen - A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there or,
- A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation.

Yeah, my grandparents were immigrants. They came from China. My parents were born here in Malaysia. Of course that qualified them as citizens of Malaysia. And I'm the second generation, definitely a Malaysian by nature. My kiddo is the third generation, 200% pure Malaysian - just to reiterate my point here. So, we have all the rights of being Malaysians- citizens of Malaysia. What are the rights of a citizen? Enjoy the same things (privileges) like other fellow Malaysians, am I right? No color difference or whatsoever. Am I right?

But in Malaysia, we are more unique - perhaps from a negative perspective. There are privileges accorded to some and not to all, regardless of your being born and bred here, called citizens of Malaysia. Your rights are not equal. Never mind, to some they have been living here till their death still not being accepted as equal. Never mind, some Malaysians are very understanding and tolerate with the unequal rights and many biased decisions by the government or its policies. They are patient too, since 50 years ago they are still living with it, not equal but still supportive! Last but not least, if they don't like it much here, can exercise the 'option' to go back where their grandparents belong!!!

Cry till the cows come home, you can. Some citizens must be superior than the others no matter what, so to enjoy the privileges like nobody business. That's what our policy makers think and have decided long time ago. This is also non-negotiable. You will be condemned if you make some noise.

But hey, we don't take away anything from anybody.
To the shallow thinkers, you can continue to enjoy your "enshrined" privileges, we take nothing from you. You want all Malaysians to vote you into power, regardless of colors but make the policies based on one color - what the heck! Malaysia truly need a visionary leader to replace the current bunch of morons.

It is a sad sad sad situation in Malaysia now. Not only she is being played out from her original goals 50 years ago but set out to be racist as it is now, 50 years later.

Can the non-racist politicians please stand up, please stand up!

Cop Versus Cop

It seems that Malaysia is a country that produces nothing more than loads of garbage and shameful acts to the international audience recently.

How apt....A COP LODGED A REPORT AGAINST A COP ON ACCUSATION OF CORRUPTION THAT HAPPENED IN THE SAME POLICE STATION. The funny thing is, a subordinate versus his superiors and vice versa for getting less share of the bribes! There you go! To those involved and go unreported in all over Malaysia....shame on ya! Classic case of an extremely shameful act, by the police and inside the police station. No integrity at all.

Whoa, we even know a police raped a young girl inside the police station, just recently also. Touted as the safest place, a case like when you are running scared from a killer, you run straight to the police station. But, wait a minute, inside you have MONSTERS in waiting!!!

Huh, Malaysia is lawless now, you bet it seems like it. "Jangan Rasuah" (No Bribery) plastered all over the patrol cars? What is the message they try to bring to Malaysians or worse to the tourists??? Guess you only see this "advert" in Malaysia. How true. Corruption is like a culture now to these people. The law can be twisted, manipulated, determined by the ones in power....blah blah blah. The big guns do it, the small flies follow! The big guns get away Scot-free, the small flies get caught for show.

We all know that this sort of things are rampant. Remember, you and me know, does not matter. After all, the ones supposed to know, pretended not in the know. See, the problem is they are the ones doing it. In fact, if you dare make a report about them, you will be put into hell, subject to more interrogation. You produce evidence, they sweep under the carpet. Again, all because of the whole house is corrupted itself, like the one example in Gemas. Disgusted.

Just like a very recent case (that we all know existed umpteen years ago); my friend went to a police station to make a report about a threat and extortion. He was asked to pay RM100.00 if he wanted investigation into his case to speed up after making a report. Now, I'm sure there is no such requirement when making a report. I'm also very sure the money goes into the policeman pocket or pockets - sharing the pie amongst them, right? And do they really care to speed up investigation? My foot!

MALAYSIANS ARE VERY ANGRY. Tell me, what can you do? Nothing. We are at the mercy of CORRUPTED POWER. So, shut up and drive, drive drive....!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Boobs Watch

Holy cow!

Read the message on the board carefully....if only you can get the meaning out of it - the English version. I bet you will laugh till your balls drop. The Chinese version is probably right to tell the guests that 'this is the place to exchange foreign currencies'

But, what the hell is 'FOREIGN CURRENCY SEEKS TO CHANGE THE STORE' ....!!! Anyway, talk about China readiness to welcome the million visitors to its Olympic Games in August. I wonder they have corrected all the signboards in public places before August where the games start. Otherwise, visitors who only understand English will go bonkers. I found this at a hotel which I stayed in last year in Dongguan, China.

I know the Chinese government is working very hard to keep up with English nowadays especially when the Olympic is just around the corner. I do find such glaring mistakes in Malaysia at times. Well, I will not spare them either.

What the heck.....just for laugh to get our minds off the current national issues that WILL MAKE YOU AND ME GO BONKERS. Surely!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Still Not Working

Today in Malaysia boleh-land (notice I've changed my blog description) is one hell of a chaotic situation. From Mac 8 till yesterday, haha, see what I mean, we are never short of sensational 'true or false' stories or breaking news!

I can tell you folks, Malaysia is fast changing into a heavyweight title match-up ground, and the champion will emerge no sooner than tomorrow! You see, everyday is like no tomorrow because we are fed with hot hot issues day in day out nowadays - one making up of another. So, it is only apt to say 'hold your horses for this second half of the year', surely and truly will the champion be known! Bet ya!

So folks, once you have made yourself a king, you would want to be king forever. THAT'S THE MENTALITY OF OUR POLITICIANS (those in power now la). But, when reality strikes....they are wiped out. Hey, China had many kings in the past, (I don't think our politicians are so history-minded) and look what happened with the last emperor about 100 years ago. I don't want to get into too much history here but as the saying goes, LEARN FROM HISTORY. But they never....that's aptly described of our snob "morons". The ship is almost sinking and yet they are still play-acting.

We, the clever Malaysians will stay up and watch and will have the last laugh through these mud-slinging matches. I think the wise men will triumph. Age old dirty tricks (one was repeated last Sunday only) will backfire and the ones keep up with times and being clever will win.

Agree? Post your comments.

P.S. For those not in the know, login to the independent web sites/blogs (only independent ones, huh) to find out WHAT'S GOING ON in today's Malaysia. I got some links on my blog.