Sunday, March 29, 2009

D-Day Of Reckoning in Malaysia

I'm actually feeling somewhat uneasy seeing and hearing this man is going to be official PM to 27mils Malaysians.

I'm not saying whatever "baggage" he is carrying is troubling me but if only you watch the closing speech of this man at Umno assembly today.

He mentioned the government was taking positive steps to tackle the gloomy economy of Malaysia. That's sounds fine. Starting this year from March, April and May the government is rolling out 3 stimulus packages worth billions of ringgit covering many thousands of projects, approximately over 50 thousands 'contracts to be given' to Class F contractors. WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE!

So there will be many jobs to be filled too. Because a caring government wouldn't want its citizens to suffer being jobless. Hey, wasn't he saying "for Class F contractors"??? Normal-la right! If that's not enough to make you BLOW, take this and eat it....

"...And these Class F contractors are supporters of UMNO and Barisan Nasional".

Yeah, I accidentally turned to Astro Awani and the closing ceremony was carried 'live' in this channel - no censorship. He proudly said it and with a coy smile too, as though he had forgotten that many Malaysians NOT supporters of Umno were watching. If only the main dailies are going to print it for the public consumption. Ah-ah! I puked on my seat. Man, I was looking at our next PM. What da fcuk!

No wonder the million-dollar-question actually going around everyone's lips is how these stimulus packages worth billions of ringgit are reaching the ground. So there it goes....ordinary folks, NOT SUPPORTERS OF UMNO, first, not supporters of Barisan, second, will ACTUALLY get none, which is ZERO!!!

So, I will still go to work my ass out day in day out, thinking of what's next tomorrow, uncertain times still hovering over my head and of course care less of what our Umno-led government is going to do.

Najib: ‘Please judge me by my actions’


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man vs Wild

How many times we have been treated to this by our Edu Minister? How apt (ape)???

How does one set a good example to the young school children including my 11-year old kid?

Why he has to be all worked up in his speech in assembly of this kind, year in year out? Did he or did he not wave the keris (dagger) this time?

I just go bonkers like you seeing this sort of "worked up" behavior which is not necessary especially when you are the Education Minister with all the young school children looking up to you as their head.

That's why people by and large are becoming disillusioned with this government of the day, well, same goes to the bunch who make up the large portion of it from one party. It is just because they are in power does not mean they can do no wrong.

Hey mister, please behave and show good example to the young ones. We do not need a PM like this in the future!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Down, Many Still THERE

A DPM aspirant was dropped a bombshell after running almost nearing the finishing line.

Wow, that to me is catching the big fish. But I'm not a bit moved by that. I'm sure many like me out there who cast doubt about all this fiasco. To me, so long as the term 'money politics' is used, I'm not convinced that the real effect is felt by those who are still in it. And this fella's position as CM is still very much intact. Does it hurt, NO! If one has the desire to cheat, he will cheat in any circumstances i.e. still a corrupt figure in the eyes of the general public.

If the present day government is really serious in tackling corruption, the old files should be re-open on those who got away Scot-free from all corrupt practices. MACC think again. When the boss and its next generation are the thoroughbred of this very party, corruption runs deep in the blood.

So, whether it is ACA or MACC, it makes no difference. Horse and zebra though look different visually but still are the same family! If Ali, Ah Kow or Muthu can do the job clean, they don't need to change names.

To the present-day government, don't practise double standards if you want to come clean!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Last Time I Heard From Him...

Father, you had lots of guts. Many times you had overdone it. Nevermind. How I wished you did not on March 2nd, 2009.

But you made that decision to go for it. I never thought the last time I heard from you 'live' on that fateful morning at 7.30am was my final moment with you.

On March 4th, I lost my father. I lost a father to heart bypass surgery. He was 68. I did not want it all to end that way. He was going into the operation theater 'alive and kicking". He even got the doctor's final assurance that the op would be successful.

He wanted to live a longer life, another 15 years perhaps. He wanted to see his precious grand-daughter playing the guitar on a stage. But it all ended tragically, on the hospital bed! How I wished you did not have the guts to go for the op.

As I whispered my last words to you by your hospital bedside; as I said my last goodbye to you during the final cremation moments; I just wanted to say it again here, "Father, you are forgiven and loved dearly".


Sunday, March 1, 2009