Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In the recent AG Reports, there were billions of Ringgit lost due to over-priced purchases and slow at completion of projects thus escalating the costs, etc. Now, this is NOT something new. We don't hear of this only today. It has been years.........damn it!

Government of the day, please wake up, what are you going to do about it??? Close one eye??? Let it passes and wait for next year??? You tax us so much, have the highest taxed-car purchase in the world, blah blah blah and you just lose our hard-earned money like that to your cronies....what the f@#k!!!

Really stupid Men @ Work in this government.


What Budget?

Year in year out the government is good at talking but slow at reacting (action) to fact of life. This year is no fact I would term it as the worst Budget.

Are they blind or many of us are earning a salary at RM100K bracket annually??? That 1% tax cut actually does not reach nor help many people like us.

So the tax cut really benefits no ONE....STUPID government! 1Malaysia is a mere slogan, as I have said it since the day it was coined, it is an empty nutshell.

Stupid government!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boobs Watch again!

1. Usual sight - customer service counter is beautifully done and equipped but closed. Where? Government agencies or departments!

2. Free advertising in public places like this one is illegal and ugly. Contact numbers are pasted there to catch the culprits but no authorities care!

3. Just wonder what the 'No Entry' signboard is doing there....on the pavement!!!

4. Usual sight - talking about third world maintenance mentality....

5. Always "rosak" (broke down) when you needed it most for emergency!

6. Already 'Park at your own risk' at most shopping this fella just part anywhere he/she likes. Right at the corner, who cares!

7. Check out the ad that says "Sunday Buffet for Unmarried". Can you tell the meaning, well, call the number then!

8. Surely no leaking with a roof over a roof. It's a matter of money gone to waste.

9. 'No Parking' sign but....park at your liking. Devil may care.

10. Common sight on the roads with every danger lurking but the authorities are sleeping what...!